Chelsea Showroom

Kari McCreath

Kari is a multi-talented Fitness Instructor. She was trained by top professionals in the industry while living in Toronto, Canada. She brings to the UK her 14 years of teaching experience. Kari has a full-time job in media sales alongside her fitness classes, showing the importance of a healthy work/life balance. She believes that fitness adds years to your life and life to your years. She is an avid off-piste downhill skier & tennis player, and believes in the importance of cross-fit training. Her classes are challenging but highly energetic. Come join in the fun! Kari teaches: Spinning®, Sculpt/Conditioning, Athletic Yoga/Stretch, Box-Fit, Reformer Pilates, TRX. Sweat it out with Kari at: - Gym Box Covent Garden ( - Body Works West... Read the profile >>

Krystal Nash

yogahaven (Clapham & Islington)

Krystal was introduced to yoga twelve years ago whilst studying Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medical system, and meditation in Kerala on the coast of South-West India. Her background is in personal training, sports massage and herbal medicine. However since those beautiful, hot Indian days, yoga has played an increasingly big part of her life. After developing a love for practicing and teaching yoga in the heat, she became a certified Astanga teacher and opened the Clapham yogahaven (and soon to be open Islington centre!) with her dear friend, Allie. She’s very passionate about running the studio, experimenting in the kitchen and going on adventures – whether home or abroad! Krystal teaches a vinyasa flow class, with invigorating fluid movements that engage the breath... Read the profile >>

Mercedes Ngoh


Born in Ottawa, Canada, Mercedes has spent most of her life studying creative movement and its use as a form of self-expression and spiritual exploration. By her own admission, Mercedes' love affair with yoga did not begin as some full fledge, running dive into the ocean. Rather it was more an experience of dipping a big toe into a vast, unending body of water, testing it, observing, noting its coolness inviting you in further, only to run back to the security of her metaphorical blanket on the shore. In the beginning, Mercedes practised yoga now and again, with no real consistency or notice of what was going on around me. Slowly and steadily though, over time she noticed that the more she got on to the mat, the more things were different when she got off of it. It was during... Read the profile >>