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Stacey Alexander


My name is Stacey Alexander and I’m a proud native of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am the owner of Kickfit, a unique form of cardio kickboxing and strength training that I created 4 years ago by combining my passions for fitness and music.
I try to excel in all things endeavors I am involved in. As a fitness model, IFBB Bikini Pro, Certified Personal Trainer with both ISSA + Crossfit, CPR, Sports Nutrition, Turbo Kick and Certified Group Fitness instructor, I am able to bring a diverse, full body workout and diet regimen to meet any clients needs and experience level. I am committed to helping every one meet their fitness goals! I just I do it with energy, motivation, discipline and love! I truly care about my clients and I make sure they feel it and know it. The clients themselves are the only ones who can make the decisions to start on the path to achieve their fitness and health goals. Once they have decided to put in the work, I’ll stick with them every step of the way to help them get there.
In July 2010, I decided to compete in my 1st NPC Bikini show. I ended up taking home the 1st place trophy! At the time I had no idea how rare it is for someone to win as I did, but either way it hit me… "Maybe I should keep going with this!?" I haven't looked back since. I was so excited to have won, and I knew this was the sport I wanted to compete in! Recently, I competed at the largest NPC show to date at The Miami Nationals and I was lucky enough to earn my Pro Card in the Bikini division. I am now an IFBB Bikini Pro!
Preparing and competing in shows requires a lot of time, energy, and preparation, so I know how challenging it can be for many of my clients who are following that same path. But, I know how great it feels to come in first and the feeling of being named #1, and they deserve to experience those feelings. I want to help them get there!

I am excited about what the future brings, and the shift to live a better/healthier life. On April 1, 2012 I will open my new training facility, A-Team Training Center. My team and I will offer Kickfit, strength and conditioning, yoga, pilates, kettle bell, build a booty and many more classes. Personal training with me and other IFBB pros will be available. We'll be located at 3515 W. Post Rd., Suite 125.

A healthy fitness routine has the ability to unlock the confidence and power within people’s heart, mind, body and soul, and it has brought exceptional joy to my life. I hope to be able to share that with everyone.

Stacey Alexander

Competition history:
1st Place- 2011 NPC Nationals - Earned Pro Card :)
1st Place - 2011 NPC Sacramento
4th Place- 2011 NPC USA
16th Place- 2011 NPC Team U
1st Place & Overall - 2011 NPC Greater Gulf States
1st Place & Overall - 2011 NPC Orange County
4th Place- 2010 NPC USA
8th Place- 2010 NPC Nationals
1st Place - 2010 NPC Culver City