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Branden Collinsworth

Branden Collinsworth understands what it takes to overcome obstacles, build a dream and pursue a vision. His story began in a single-parent household that ran on plenty of love but not much money. Sports provided an antidote for the feelings of insecurity brought on by the family’s financial difficulties. Branden’s mother lost her job and their crisis deepened. They became homeless, forcing him to leave behind traditional education and enroll in the Sierra Nevada Job Corps. He graduated from the corps a year later with a degree, an appreciation for literature and a more disciplined mind.

The four years after completing the corps program were spent earning hours at a community college, honing his skills at the gym and working. Collinsworth’s string of jobs eventually led him to a stint at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Working as a spa attendant exposed him to a lifestyle full of possibilities that would have seemed unattainable fantasies during his early years.

Branden’s outgoing personality made clients willing to open up to him. He gathered information from anyone willing to talk with him about their own efforts to succeed. Patrons frequently recommended books that had an impact in their life, but one offered another kind of guidance. A trainer who worked extensively with celebrities and athletes suggested that he earn his American College of Sports Medicine certification.

Fitness turned out to be, well, a good fit. Collinsworth earned a certificate from ACSM, graduated from the College of Southern Nevada and enrolled at University of Nevada – Las Vegas. While he tended to his education he was also nurturing a dream. He wanted to open his own fitness business, but he knew he needed to expand his resume. By 2009 he had a brand new degree and a wide range experience and connections that included spending time as a conditioning coach for a semi-pro football team and an internship with a noted sports psychologist.

Building on the success of his first business, a fitness training camp, Collinsworth leased a facility in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. Physical activity was an important outlet for Branden when he was growing up, and he decided to share his passion with Nevada’s youth. With former client Anthony Alegrete he started Jump for Joy, a non-profit foundation that encourages kids to be active. His foundation has partnered with members of the NBA, NFL, UFC the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and others.

Branden returned to school again, entering a highly selective psychology program at the University of Pennsylvania. The Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology was based on the work of Martin Seligman and the flexible schedule – four nine hour days a month - allowed him to manage his business interests while completing his degree. Meanwhile, downtown Las Vegas was being reborn and Collinsworth decided to team up with Paul Rosenberg and bring the area its first gym. Real Results opened its doors in May 2012 and has been a huge hit with the downtown crowd.

Collinsworth has still more projects in mind. Two books are in the works and he’s working on exporting his fitness business to Peru. It’s easy to believe that these ventures will succeed. Not yet thirty, Branden Collinsworth has a proven track record and obviously sees obstacles as opportunities to gain strength and test boundaries.