Knoxville Showroom

Amy Yunger

Amy has been teaching a variety of Group Exercise classes for over 20 years yet first stepped into a yoga studio in 2002 . There she began taking classes with lululemon Alumni Ambassador Silvia Mordini. Silvia had a way of making everything seem accessible, even the “tricky” poses; Amy was hooked from that point on. When she began teaching yoga in 2005 at her local YMCA, her goal was to make yoga available to anyone at any level and to make it fun. Laughter is always a welcome addition in one of Amy’s classes. Amy teaches a blend of Vinyasa and Power Yoga and encourages students of all levels to challenge themselves while maintaining a sense of humor and “embrace their wobble,” just have fun and play. She tends to focus her classes on the inner athlete in all... Read the profile >>

Cindy Coats

Real Hot Yoga

Yoga has been a long-time passion for Cindy. She attended her first yoga class in 1998 and was hooked. In 1999 when she began traveling extensively for work she packed her running shoes and a yoga mat and looked to running and yoga to keep her sane, happy, and fit wherever she went. In recent years, with a lighter travel schedule she took her yoga practice to a whole new level and began practicing 3-5 times a week in a studio environment. Seeing the need for a great yoga studio in West Knoxville, Cindy completed her RYT-200 training in early 2012 and decided to partner with a friend to open Knoxville’s first state of the art hot yoga studio. Cindy limits her teaching schedule so she can be available as much as possible to offer support, guidance, answer questions, and share... Read the profile >>

Jill Bartine

Jill stepped into her first yoga class in 2002, and it was love at first sight. She has been a teacher for more than half her life. As a classically-trained flutist who performs with the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, her first outlet for her teaching passion was music. She is thrilled to now include yoga to her teaching repertoire after completing her 200-hour RYT certification in August 2011. Throughout her years practicing, she is continually amazed at the benefits yoga has brought to her life -- physical fitness, better posture, mental clarity, self-confidence, flexibility, and a general sense of peace and gratitude. Professional musical performance employs controlled breath, body awareness, energy, creativity, rhythmic flow, and harmony --- all qualities of a successful yoga... Read the profile >>

Lauren Chiles

Knoxville Track Club

Lauren is not your typical runner. You won't find her in the front corrals at races or in the front of the pack, but you'll notice her by her infectious laugh, on or off the road or greenway. She loves running and has found a way to blend fun with fitness. Lauren returned to Knoxville, her college town, four years ago after spending years studying and practicing what most of us would avoid, disease and pathology. Upon her return, she stepped back into running, and into the shoes of Social Director for the Knoxville Track Club. She morphed what had once been a Wednesday night group run into creative ways to run for fun, including Scavenger Hunt runs, a "Leap Day" run, and a Team Socialite. She raised the KTC social bar by organizing social events for the group which have included group... Read the profile >>