Ketchum : Sun Valley Showroom

Angela Freeman


I'm Angela Freeman. I have a unique strength training program at my private gym here in Ketchum Idaho. My gym rocks because I have a lot of super fun people who train with me, we crank the music (mainly Gaga or the 80ties) and we get strength and cardio done at the same I'm committed to making sure it's always different. (who wants to do the same workout all the time... ugh) I am on a path of ALWAYS loving what is which is sometimes really easy because I am married to the love of my life, am owned by 4 wiener dogs, rock a cool job AND am currently in school studying the psychology of eating (cool job number two coming up). YAY. My favorite workouts (and I only do workouts I love because otherwise ick): my gym workouts, skinning up the mountain on my split board, swimming outside at Zenergy in that amazing pool, yoga at Gather and the occasional epic trail run (my favorite being corral creek- so fun). My purpose and reason for being on the planet this time around is inspire people to be Awesome inside and out and be Awesome myself. (oh and to be obsessed with wiener dogs) Yip.