Kansas City : Country Club Plaza

Abbi Miller


Abbi is an authenticity cheerleader. A purveyor of gusto. She splits her time between Kansas City and San Francisco where she runs her international adventure company, Wonderlark: Radical adventures for human vitality. She has always been active; a dancer since age 3, competitive figure skater during her teen years and now a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, silks aerialist, dancer, singer and actress. She has performed all over the US, circled the globe on a Broadway tour, and taught yoga, dance and creativity coaching at The Academy of Art University (SF).

One windy day in NYC, Abbi stumbled upon her first yoga class at Laughing Lotus and her reality was forever changed. She was enchanted, feeling drawn to the beauty of compassionate breath-based movement that brought her to relating to her body from the inside-out. She then played hooky from ballet classes to go take early morning yoga. Yoga was her sanctuary. It was also freaking fun. The cumulative affect of a yoga practice catalyzed in her a deeper love of self and a new-found way to enjoy the present.

Her yoga classes are musical and energetic and encourage the cultivation of not only discipline, but self-reflection and unbound play. She facilitates an athletic and genuine practice, calling on the spirit that moves us all to teach us and show us the way.

She has certifications from Karma Kids Yoga (NYC), The Laughing Lotus College of Yoga (San Francisco) and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (NYC). She works with clients using a holistic nutrition approach to bring about weight loss, stress and anxiety reduction, navigating food allergies, finding clearer skin, increased happiness, and balance. She supports them to integrate everlasting food and lifestyle choices based on each person's bio-individuality and life story. There are so many ways in which we as humans are nourished. Food is but one way.

Abbi adores laughing loudly, poetry by Hafiz, the color orange, raw chocolate, and making big things happen.