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Amy Thomas

Amy first studied yoga in 1984 as an elective physical education class while earning her undergraduate degree at Indiana University. Later as a graduate student earning her Master’s in Psychology, she again studied the body, mind, and spirit healing qualities of yoga at Sonoma State University in California. She’s been a practicing psychotherapist since 1992.

Amy completed her yoga teacher training under the guidance and expertise of Nancy Schalk in February of 2003. By continuing to teach as well as study ongoing yoga classes and workshops, she has earned the status of Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-200) by the Yoga Alliance.

Amy’s individual process with wholeness began by exploring yoga as a physical exercise which then evolved into an emotional, psychological,and spiritual practice. “Many people will initially come for the physical benefits of yoga, and as they continue, their guided practice will encompass the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of wholeness and flourishing.”

The opportunity to slow down, tune into one’s self and discover one’s truth energizes and inspires Amy to share the gift of yoga with others. “When one looks deep into the center of one’s heart and sets an authentic intention, the Universe allows energies to align and manifest.”

Amy planted the seed to realize her dream of opening a yoga and well-being studio, and on January 1, 2011, Flourish opened its doors! Her intention is to guide and accompany all who come to Flourish Yoga to nurture and manifest their infinite possibilities; to empower them in order to thrive. Spiritual reverence and non-judgmental self-observation set the tone for Amy’s physically challenging classes. Students experience love, compassion, and empowerment on all levels.