Houston : Houston Galleria

Susan Sullivan

To say I started running 4 years ago wouldn’t exactly be a true statement. I have been an athlete almost all my life. I was exposed to many team sports but soccer was my true love. I played competitively from age 5 up thru my sophomore year of college. I think that’s where my background for running truly began. One cannot play the game without a solid running foundation.
I began running competitively in 2009, my first half marathon, after moving back to Houston from Manhattan. It began as a way to stay in shape, keep my sanity and meet new people. I loved the chats with friends over long training runs on Saturday mornings.
Slowly, my inner competitor began to creep out and I craved to train harder to become faster and stronger. I was hooked after my first marathon! When I race, it is only to compete with myself; I always look to improve over the last event. I enjoy training as much as racing as it allows the opportunity for a bit more social interaction, logging numerous miles with friends.
I competed in my first tri last year on a borrowed road bike from a good friend who insisted I would “love triathlon.” Turns out, she was right! I bought my own tri bike this year and have truly enjoyed the early wake up calls to train and all the two-a-days I put in. I believe you must enjoy all the hard work in order to be good at what you do. It requires heart and dedication. I never would have imagined being on the podium in 5 out my last 6 events this season, a true testament that hard work does pay off.
I always want to be the best I can be. Effort and talent can only take you so far. The right attitude, focus, determination, friends, family and supporters carry you across the finish line every time. I love that my hobby creates and promotes a healthy lifestyle. I can only hope that I inspire others to do what they love, and live a happy, healthy life.