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Mandy Sin


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mandy was introduced to yoga by her
dance teacher, classically trained in ballet and received her BFA
from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. After years of training
and performance, Mandy develops her enthusiasm for body awareness.
And growing up in an athletic family certainly shaped her career after
Mandy completed her Sivananda Teachers' Training in India. Her
interest in yoga anatomy began with her training with Paul and Suzee
Grilley. Mandy discovered Yin Yoga 2 years ago and found how yin yoga
is a perfect match for yang yoga, on the physical/energetic body and the
mind/emotional body. In 2013, Mandy got certified in AntiGravity Yoga
by the founder, Christopher Harrison. A unique fusion of techniques
which integrating yoga, aerial arts, dance, pilates and basic calisthenics.
Yoga has blessed Mandy’s life and introduced her to many beautiful
people and wonderful experiences. Teaching yoga motivates her
to learn more and deepen her own practice. It also puts Mandy in
touch with people on a deeper level and gives her opportunity to
respond practically and creatively to her students’ needs. Mandy is
very passionate about teaching and excited to share her passion and
knowledge with others.