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Cindy Leung


For Cindy, yoga is just like a train that brings a life-transforming journey. She believes yoga practice has transformed her from an egoist to a person who appreciates and glory on everything. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she has many certifications of classical ballet perform and education, she made a decision to fade out performance life because she realize yoga leads her find a true self. Because of the inspiration, she committed to sharing the beautiful yoga arts philosophy to others. Cindy gratitude met her inspiring teacher – Stephen Thomas. She completed a Hatha vinyasa teaching training under his care and love. With his guidance, she believes to keep curiosity, exploring and sharing are very important to enhance and light on herself and everyone on and off the mat.... Read the profile >>

Mandy Sin

Bodywize Yoga

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mandy was introduced to yoga by her dance teacher, classically trained in ballet and received her BFA from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. After years of training and performance, Mandy develops her enthusiasm for body awareness. And growing up in an athletic family certainly shaped her career after dancing. Mandy completed her Sivananda Teachers' Training in India. Her interest in yoga anatomy began with her training with Paul and Suzee Grilley. Mandy discovered Yin Yoga 2 years ago and found how yin yoga is a perfect match for yang yoga, on the physical/energetic body and the mind/emotional body. In 2013, Mandy got certified in AntiGravity Yoga by the founder, Christopher Harrison. A unique fusion of techniques which integrating yoga,... Read the profile >>

Nadine Bubner

Yoga BamBam

Nadine who is originally from Berlin, Germany has been a resident of Hong Kong for 6 years where she completed her Hatha yoga (cert. RYT 200) and cert. Pre Natal yoga teacher training. Yoga came into Nadine's life during her search for alternative forms of exercise and she has practiced ever since. Working in a stressful business role, she experienced the effects of yoga's calming and introspective qualities. Enjoying the Triathlon experience while swimming, cycling and running - yoga could prove another time to be an excellent base to support the new needs of her body and mind. Furthermore it inspired her to share her yoga passion and experience by focusing her teaching abilities to athletes and runners. Read the profile >>

Sharon Shek

2012 is the year I want to test my ROGA program, combine the benefits of yoga & running to stay fit, healthy and happy. A lot of people get injuries from running and I feel yoga can be very effective to minimize that risk. So I put myself as a testimony of ROGA. I ran 3 marathons within 30 days and slip in 2 snowboarding trips in between. I felt great & full of energy. In March, I team up with my partner for my first 50km mountain ultramarathon (any distance beyond 42km categorize as ultra marathon). It was not easy hiking/running in the mountain for 9 hours, in fact any training over half an hour is a physical challenge. However I always set out to finish what I started, regardless my legs were so tired every steps felt so heavy, I knew I could finish so I moved on, crossed the... Read the profile >>