Howell Mill

Adam Gill (Alumni)

Bangkok Boxing

The year was 1997. A small, swealtering room where the walls were content to sweat just as much as the athletes who trained within them is where Adam Gill was first introduced to the world of combat sports. Twelve men, one door, zero windows: this modest den is where Adam began his training in Western Boxing. Professional boxers and ex-title contenders as his first sparring partners. In 1998 Adam moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue his boxing career where he then met up with 5x Muay Thai World Champion Khunpon Dechkampu. Adam immediately took to the new style in fighting and did something unheard of: after less than 3 months of training with Khunpon he won the South East Middle Weight Amatuer Tiltle in 2002. While also continuing his boxing training under Chris Johnson (1992 Bronze Medalist in... Read the profile >>

Farris Lyons (Alumni)

Growing up, Farris was always the child with a rocket strapped to his back. Farris just wants to go fast!! Being raised in Florida and California, he naturally found a passion for surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and various other extreme activities. Farris and his friends were always competing and pushing each other to go bigger! Farris now resides in Atlanta, Georgia where his passions have changed a bit due to his geographic location, but he still stays true to his instincts of "going fast"! Today, you'll find him pushing the speed limit in running races and triathlons. Farris has found a home within Team in Training where he mentors beginner through advanced athletes to work hard and reap the results. One of Farris's favorite things about the sport of running and... Read the profile >>

Lis Saunders (Alumni)

CrossFit Midtown

Lis grew up outside of Tampa, Florida, doing gymnastics, cheerleading and playing softball. After a severe injury resulting in full reconstructive surgery on her right knee, her doctor recommended she take up cross-training as her primary form of fitness. Lis' life changed dramatically when her friend Jenny introduced her to CrossFit in 2009. CrossFit workouts and the Paleo diet didn't just help her lose body fat and gain muscle; she also lost the need for prescription medications, gained strength, confidence, and even better a community of amazing friends. Lis has always loved working with people. As a former cheerleading and softball coach, the transition into coaching CrossFit was a natural one. Now I've been coaching CrossFit and personal training since 2010, and I love helping... Read the profile >>

Malia Hilliard (Alumni)

Malia was introduced to yoga by her father at 15 after injuring her back jumping off an 80 foot waterfall. Over twenty years later, she still integrates her yoga practice into every aspect of her life, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes. Having used yoga to heal many injuries since she began her practice as a teenager, Malia’s love of yoga and profound understanding of alignment and breath technique help her students to break through physical, mental, even emotional barriers that restrict personal growth and ultimate wellness. Malia is a skilled teacher who creates fun, safe, powerful, and multilayered classes inviting students to find new ways to open and strengthen every part of their being. Having spent ten years in Los Angeles studying with and... Read the profile >>

Mandy Wright (Alumni)

Atlanta Hot Yoga, Yoga Samadhi, Crossfit Athelets, Crossfit Atlanta, Crossfit RX

Certified in 2006, Mandy has been teaching yoga for five years. As a runner herself and a child of some fairly intense athletes, she began practicing yoga with the mentality of an athlete. Over time, she has adapted the principles of a traditional yoga practice to fit the needs and lifestyle of today’s elite and amateur athletes and teaches in both traditional yoga studios as well as Crossfit gyms around the Atlanta area. In the spirit of mind and body, Mandy believes that all athletes can benefit from a practice that focuses on strength, balance, core power, and recovery. Mandy teaches at Atlanta Hot Yoga and Yoga Samadhi, and also teaches regular yoga classes for CrossFit Athletes and CrossFit Atlanta and CrossFit RX. Read the profile >>

Meryl Arnett

Atlanta Hot Yoga, Ember

Meryl took her first yoga class in the haze of wedding planning stress and something just clicked. Quickly, a regular practice turned into a desire to teach and Meryl has been walking her path ever since. As a teacher, Meryl shares her own on-the-mat experiences by weaving together flowing movement and creative playlists, while keeping an attentive eye on alignment. Together, these elements combine to create more space for the breath - both on the mat and in life. Meryl draws her inspiration from her love of the outdoors, adventure and the joy of movement. In her quest to always keep things new and interested, Meryl's appetite for studying different methods of yoga and exploring new teachers is ever growing. She currently is a 200 hour RYT and is pursuing both a 500 hour certification and... Read the profile >>

Neda Draupadi Honarvar

Tough Love Yoga

Neda has been studying yoga passionately for over 12 years and has completed 200 hour certifications in both Classical Hatha Yoga and Kali Natha Yoga under the guidance her Guru Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati and her teacher Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati. She has and continues to teach all levels of students in a variety of settings around the Atlanta area. Neda's love for teaching is second only to her passion for learning, believing that being a student of yoga has and continues to transform the capacity and potential of her mind, body, and heart. She holds Bachelor Degrees in both Psychology and Sociology from Georgia State University. Neda is currently studying Anusara Yoga with her teachers Isvari Verre and Gina Minyard, completed Anusara Immersion with Gina Minyard in February 2011, and is... Read the profile >>

Octavia Raheem

The peace, strength, grace, integrity, and discipline that Octavia found through her own practice inspired her to train to become a yoga teacher. In 2007 she completed a 200-hour teacher training at Peachtree Yoga Center in Atlanta, GA with 30-year yoga veteran and teacher trainer Graham Fowler and Ursula Nix. She has also received additional certifications from YogaKids International and Y.O.G.A For Youth. Additionally she is the Atlanta Area Coordinator for the Kripalu based Yoga Retreat for Women of Color with Maya Breuer. She is also a certified level 1 Reiki practitioner. Beyond teaching and practicing yoga, she supports the blossoming Atlanta Yoga community as a guest contributor to Atlanta Yoga Scene’s blog. Her work as a “Yogi in the Community” has been acknowledged by... Read the profile >>

Tes Sobomehin

Tes Sobomehin is the founder of RunningNerds and a “Bonafide runningnerd” for the RunningNerdNation. Fresh onto the pavement of running, she has completed in 15 5K races, 4 10K races, 8 half-marathons, 2 marathon relays, and completed my first FULL marathon on October 7, 2012. She is also proud to have established herself as a race director in the community with the successes of the runningnerds 5K and The ATL 20K Relay & 10K! Her running journey started in 2010 when she ran her first 5K road race – 2010 Komen Race for the Cure in Atlanta, GA. She decided to challenge herself by running her first race and accomplishing a goal. It was a nervous experience and a lonely one at that. One might think a simple 5K wouldn’t be exciting, if you’re an established runner. But for a... Read the profile >>