our quality stand – lululemon athletica
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Quality is the heart of who we are. Quality shows up in our people, our conversations and of course, our product. Product quality is the foundation we stand on; we build it with a relentless focus on three key areas: fabric, performance and craftsmanship.


passionate innovation

Choosing the right fabric for the way you like to sweat is everything to us. When the right fabric doesn’t exist, we create it. Our fabrics are our cherished legacy, our most audacious goals and our deep pride in pushing boundaries to bring you something even better.


listening to learn

We’ll never be done listening to athletes and yogis like you. Since 1998, you’ve been helping us create gear that seriously performs in sweaty situations. You show us where we can make meaningful changes and are the first to offer up a high five when we solve a problem before you even knew you had one.


mindful intention

It takes hundreds of hours of meticulous tailoring to create a piece of gear that fits and performs so well it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Every single detail, from how we’ll wick sweat from your skin to how we’ll get seams out of your way is thought through with obsessive attention. There aren’t any shortcuts, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

our quality stand – lululemon athletica

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  • Visit us at one of our stores, call us or email us.
  • Tell us what's not working.
  • We'll take it back.
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