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Our vision and goals program is designed to support you in creating a life that you love. It is about defining what is authentically important for you and then setting out to make it happen. The program provides direction, techniques and resources.

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a mindset of possibility allows you to get into creative visualization and clearly articulate your life without self-created limitation. a few things to consider when writing your vision and goals:

  • let your past be in the past. we tend to look at the past in order to create our future, yet a goal set from the past will likely create more of what already exists, and inherently has limitations
  • We tend to create our future based on what's happened in the past. The 'story' that we bring with us comes with limitations so a goal set from the past will likely create more of what already exists.
  • remove perceived constraints. what limitations do you create for yourself that don't actually exist? 'I don't have enough money'. 'I don't have the time'

your vision for your life will inspire your goals. the purpose of setting your vision is to create a clear picture of your chosen life so your goals become powerful and meaningful to you. the vision articulates what you are out for in life and your greatest ambitions. it will give you something to get excited about and give you your north star - keeping you heading in the right direction.

  • it is set 10 years in the future
  • it is clear and concise (one to two paragraphs) with enough detail to feel complete
  • it incorporates your core values
  • it moves us emotionally and gets us excited – maybe even a little nervous
  • it uses present tense language. write it as if we are already there
  • it is authentic to you and grounded in your passions and unique greatness in the world
  • it expresses how you contribute your talents in service of others


it is important to balance your vision and goals in the major domains of your life. the main domains of your balanced life can show up in many different ways. having balanced goals leads to a balanced life, while having goals in only one area can leave your desires for other areas unfulfilled. The three main domains in life are most often: personal, health, career. These can mean different things for different people.


be bold and set goals that are a challenge for you. dare to challenge assumptions or conventions you have and tackle difficult goals. set your goals to be BHAGs: Big Hairy Audacious Goals. to decide if your goal is a BHAG or not, ask yourself:

  • is this goal easy to achieve?
  • is this likely to happen anyways, with little effort on my part?
  • is it a push goal that will move me closer to living my ideal life set in possibility?
  • what sense of accomplishment will come with achieving this goal?
  • you will know if you are truly setting BHAGs in life if you're achieving only 50% of the goals.


formatting your goals with powerful language gives you the greatest likelihood of achieving them. a goal written with the incorrect format can be wishy-washy and will go un-achieved. keep these things in mind as you are writing your goals:

  • trickle back: start with the end in mind. set your 10 year goals first, then move back to 5 year, 1 year
  • quantifiable: you must be able to measure your goal
  • specific: It's easier to do something if we know what that thing is. That's why we precisely articulate the desired activity, object or outcome in our goals.
  • present tense: write your vision & goals in the present tense
  • affirmative language: state what you want not what you don't want
  • concise: use as few words as possible; no justification is required
  • by-when date: state when the goal will be achieved


once your goals are set, consider how you incorporate them into your daily life to achieve them. how do you live with integrity to your vision and goals? here are some ideas:

  • create a system to honour and achieve your goals. do you use your daytimer? do you post your goals on your fridge? .
  • enroll others so they know what you stand for. sharing your goals with others who are also committed goal setters allows them to support and assist you
  • remember, there is choice every day in life. choose the things that move you closer towards achieving your vision & goals, rather than those things that are in conflict. choose things that are aligned with your core values and that make you happy every day.

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