Innovation in the science of stink

You work out, you sweat, you smell—right? Wrong! With stink-stopping Silverescent® fabric technology, powered by X-STATIC®, it doesn't have to be that way. Silverescent makes it safe to sweat again.

mand and woman doing pullups

We Sweat

You push your body to earn that endorphin-induced high that you love, and naturally, you and your clothes get sweat soaked along the way.

woman sweating
woman sweating

Science Kicks In

Silver can stop the stink-causing bacteria from reproducing—permanently. Silver releases positive ions that are attracted to the bacteria's negatively charged ions. When they all get together, the bacteria stops reproducing and kicking up a big stink.


Hello Silverescent®

Here's where Silverescent comes in. The X-STATIC® technology embedded in Silverescent fabric bonds 99.9% pure silver to the surface of every fibre—which means that there's stink-conquering technology woven into the very fabric of your favourite workout clothes. And it will never wash out or stop working.

love sweat, stop stink