Natural blends


A blend of rayon derived from bamboo, TENCEL® and cashmere makes this lightweight fabric warm, soft and breathable.

Cotton Fleece

Primarily used in our hoodies, Cotton Fleece is a blend of cotton and polyester. Famous for its coziness, we love Cotton Fleece because it's thick, warm and durable. It's also designed not to shrink for a perfect fit and hassle-free laundering.

Pima cotton

Primarily used in our T-shirts, Pima cotton is a luxuriously lightweight and naturally breathable fabric that's ideal for yoga or gym workouts. Pima cotton fibres are long and silky, which give the fabric an unbelievably soft feel. We pair Pima cotton with spandex so it has great shape retention. It’s also designed not to shrink.

Stretch French Terry

This is our special blend of breathable, comfortable cotton paired with LYCRA® to help the fabric retain its shape. Stretch French Terry might just be our most comfortable sweater material. This fabric is designed not to shrink to avoid buckling zippers and bunching fabric.


TENCEL® fabric is made with wood pulp cellulose – its fibres have a smooth and supple surface, making the fabric super soft. TENCEL® is lightweight and breathable with good sweat absorption and fast moisture release.


Vitasea fabric is made with SEACELL®, the yarn derived from seaweed, and blended with cotton and spandex. The end result is an ultra-soft fabric that retains its shape and stays soft after you wash it. We use it primarily in T-shirts and other light layers.