Edmonton : West Edmonton Mall

Kenna Kaklin


My journey with yoga all started with a dare: "betcha can't ever do the splits!" and wow, I am eternally grateful to the person that challenged me! Not because I can now do the splits, but because my relationship with yoga continues to transform my life. I feel grateful to have completed my Ashtanga Vinyasa Training with Larry and Marie Schultz, and my Sattva training with Rameen Peyrow.

The journey of yoga is different for everyone- people pave their own road with their own unique bodies, spirits and experiences. I believe this path is more beautiful and rewarding when yoga is involved. Yoga means "union", I love the unity that yoga brings to my life- on physical, mental, spiritual and inter-personal levels. We are all unique, yet yoga brings us together!

I am grateful to share with others the incredible joys of yoga and assist them on their paths while they help me to continue paving my own.