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Dominique Garstin


Dominique was initially drawn to yoga and meditation as methods of reconnecting with her inherent spirituality, and of coping with a demanding career in retail/ fashion. Immediately captivated, she knew that a radical change in trajectory was in store for her. Inspired by her teachers and guides, Dominique embarked upon a journey of discovery that ended in a lifetime commitment to her evolving study, practice and love of yoga, which she now has the pleasure of sharing with her students.

Dominique received her 200 hr Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Certification and 100 hr Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator training at the renowned Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, studying under Amba Stapleton and Don Stapleton, Ph.D. She continued her studies at the Nosara Yoga Institute, becoming a Certified Practitioner of Pranassage, a synthesis of yoga and bodywork that deepens the effects of yoga.

Dominique continues to be a dedicated and impassioned student and is grateful to her teachers and students for their continual inspiration.

Teaching an “interdisciplinary style” of yoga, Dominique integrates vinyasa flow with other styles of currently practiced yoga. In her classes, she encourages students to deepen their awareness of technique, breath and movement, and focuses on the connection of body/ mind, alignment, flexibility, strength building and meditation. Her classes focus on empowering students to listen and respond to the intelligence in their own body and mind.