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Meghan Hurley

Dedham Health and Athletic Complex

An elementary teacher by day and a passionate spinner at night! That is what helped Meghan, a New Jersey native, get through long, stressful days of teaching!

In September of 1999, Meghan entered the school building doors and began teaching elementary students as her profession just after graduating from Providence College with a dual degree in Elementary/Special Education. While she loved working with children, Meghan LOVED to teach in general. She loved to share enthusiasm for learning with her students! Each day, Meghan would leave work after putting in long hours of preparation and planning for the next day and would go to her hometown gym to work-out and decompress. Meghan found that her best stress reliever was spinning!

It was soon after that Meghan became addicted to spinning when she took a spin class for the first time at her gym. She was so inspired by the motivating instructor with her tough rides, killer music, and calorie burning class, that Meghan decided that she too wanted to share her passion and love for the workout with others.

In August of 2005, Meghan moved up to Massachusetts to be with her boyfriend (now husband) and decided to pursue her spinning certification through Johnny G. Within weeks of being certified, Meghan was subbing at a local gym and instantly began sharing her love for the bike with the people that she encountered! Meghan was the number one spin sub at her gym and soon joined the fitness staff teaching a basic spin class for beginners. From there, Meghan spread her passion and love for the indoor ride and currently teaches two more additional classes at her gym.

Meghan loves to meet new people and build relationships with the students that take her classes. Meghan is known for remembering each rider’s name that enters the spin studio! She feels that by doing this, she is fostering a relationship with the spinner that goes beyond the bike! Meghan’s passion for the work-out is contagious! She spreads her love for the ride by consistently filling her spin studio each week with new riders who have heard about her class, as well as returning riders, who are inspired by her upbeat style, music and motivation. “You rock!” and “You can do it!” are phrases that you will hear regularly penetrating over the loud music and sounds of the fly wheel turning when you take one of Meghan’s spin classes!

Meghan continues to stay educated about the bike and is a Star Level Two Spinning Instructor. In addition, Meghan recently pursued her Group Fitness certification through AFAA with the intention of continuing to spread her love of staying fit and healthy in other domains of group exercise!
Meghan recently gave birth to her first child, Jameson, who was born this past January. Throughout her pregnancy, Meghan continued to maintain teaching her three spin classes each week. She wanted to show her students that health and fitness can still be an important component of pregnancy, as well as continue to be a role model to her students and show them that with both determination and perseverance, you can achieve your fitness goals at any level!
When Meghan is not teaching spin, she is spending time with her husband John, and her son, Jameson. In addition, Meghan enjoys reading, cooking, and downloading new music for her spin classes each week!