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John McEvoy

As an active athlete all his life, John has enjoyed expanding his interest in sports and fitness into a career. A background in competitive weightlifting, rugby, and track and field paved the way for the rest of his endeavors. John spent twelve years as a stunt rollerblader traveling throughout Europe and America with childhood friends.

He began his education at New Zealand College of Fitness where he left as a Certified Personal Trainer. From there John began working for a gym in Auckland specializing in high-intensity strength training, where he continued to garner his professional education and certifications. Through continual research he stumbled across CrossFit in late 2008. Over time he gradually started to incorporate the philosophy into his own training as well as his clients’. When John arrived in America he began working at CrossFit Newton where he introduced and spent ten months running the ONRAMP program, helping to bring new people into the world of CrossFit. John’s personal clients over the past 3 1/2 years have ranged from people with special physical needs to D1 collegiate athletes.

In addition to being a participant of multiple seminars and competitive events within the local CrossFit community, John is also the author of an article published in the June 2010 edition of the CrossFit Journal. The article, “To Game or Not to Game,” analyzes the concept of treating CrossFit as a sport by strategizing during a workout to enhance performance.

John says: “I feel extremely privileged to be able to do what I love for a living. I consider myself a perpetual student of fitness and have an unrelenting passion and drive for what I do. When I am not working or training myself I am usually researching anything I can get my hands on in relation to exercise, nutrition and general health. I pride myself on my integrity and am dedicated to helping people achieve their goals.”