Legacy Place

Holly Manigan

Humble Warrior Yoga

In 2008 Holly became a NASM certified personal trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. While believing in and promoting a lifestyle of physical and emotional wellness as well as wholesome nutrition and self-awareness, Holly was unaware of the benefits to be had from yoga. After completing the Boston Marathon, Holly wandered into her first yoga class to relieve tight hamstrings and was hooked. In 2012 she joined a 200-hour RYT training at Back Bay Yoga in Boston. Through teaching, Holly hopes to provide others the chance to find their own missing piece. Under her instruction, students can discover the balance and serenity which comes from a committed practice. Come to one of Holly’s classes prepared to discover. Read the profile >>

Jamie Villanueva

Stil Studio and Blissful Monkey

For Jamie, yoga is a lifestyle. Her personal and professional yoga practice continues to evolve as she discovers and embraces yoga as a method of self-regulation and transformation. After diving into yoga nearly a decade ago, she noticed positive physical and mental changes. It is these gifts that she likes to share with her students. Jamie teaches a light hearted, upbeat and physical class, weaving in Buddhist-inspired philosophy, giving students a full mind and body experience. In addition to yoga, Jamie loves hiking and snowboarding the mountains of Vermont and California with her husband Nico. You can attend one of Jamie's classes just around the corner from Lululemon in Legacy Place at Stil Studio in Dedham. Jamie also teaches at Blissful Monkey Yoga in Jamaica Plain and OM Namo... Read the profile >>

John McEvoy

CrossFit Craic

As an active athlete all his life, John has enjoyed expanding his interest in sports and fitness into a career. A background in competitive weightlifting, rugby, and track and field paved the way for the rest of his endeavors. John spent twelve years as a stunt rollerblader traveling throughout Europe and America with childhood friends. He began his education at New Zealand College of Fitness where he left as a Certified Personal Trainer. From there John began working for a gym in Auckland specializing in high-intensity strength training, where he continued to garner his professional education and certifications. Through continual research he stumbled across CrossFit in late 2008. Over time he gradually started to incorporate the philosophy into his own training as well as his... Read the profile >>

Jordan Lashley

HYP Needham and Wellesley

Jordan was dragged to his first yoga class at age 24 by his wife Angela. Stressed out, over worked, in constant physical pain, and wishing to be free of the incessant highs and lows in his life, he found relief on a yoga mat. After practicing yoga for several years he was encouraged by his long time friend and mentor Masaaki Okamura to begin learning to teach yoga. Reluctant at first, he found he quite enjoyed sharing his understanding with others. He continued his teacher training in vinyasa style yoga with Master Baptiste instructors Greggor Singleton and Claire Este-McDonald. Feeling like he had many pieces of a puzzle but could not see the whole picture he continued training privately with Jacqui Bonwell and learned more about the spiritual side of yoga. As his yoga practice began... Read the profile >>

Lauren Leonard

Lauren Leonard Health

Equipped with extensive knowledge of holistic nutrition, health coaching and preventive health, Lauren believes food and lifestyle adjustments can change anything. While completing her Health Coach training with the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, Lauren studied over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods with the world’s top health and wellness experts. As our beloved Run Ambassador, Lauren faithfully guides the Lululemon Legacy Place Run Club every Saturday morning. She shares the fruits of her running career, helping us to improve our endurance and technique. Additionally, Lauren is always on duty as a health coach and led an in-store nutrition workshop here at Legacy Place. We love Lauren; she is both a coach and a... Read the profile >>

Meghan Hurley

Dedham Health and Athletic Complex

An elementary teacher by day and a passionate spinner at night! That is what helped Meghan, a New Jersey native, get through long, stressful days of teaching! In September of 1999, Meghan entered the school building doors and began teaching elementary students as her profession just after graduating from Providence College with a dual degree in Elementary/Special Education. While she loved working with children, Meghan LOVED to teach in general. She loved to share enthusiasm for learning with her students! Each day, Meghan would leave work after putting in long hours of preparation and planning for the next day and would go to her hometown gym to work-out and decompress. Meghan found that her best stress reliever was spinning! It was soon after that Meghan became addicted to... Read the profile >>

Shelia Donovan

Shelia Donovan Pilates Studio

Shelia Donovan is the heart, soul and founder of the Pilates Studio in Canton, Massachusetts. Her love, positive energy and laughter flow into every corner of the space, uplifting all who enter. She and her instructors share a love of movement and are resolute about educating their clients in mind body practices. As an athlete herself, runner & marathoner, Shelia knows the profound joy, strength and healing that accompanies movement practices. Her belief is that joyfulness, renewal and transformation through mind body practices is for everyone to experience. Passionately committed to all forms of movement that connect mind, body and spirit, she has completed a multitude of courses and certifications enabling her to serve as an expert, inspiring confidence in her students.... Read the profile >>