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Nicole Whitman

I have learned that anything in life is possible and miracles do happen. My name is Nicole Whitman . In my twenties I dabbled with yoga and knew it was a powerful tool but it didn’t quite stick, I wasn’t ready. I got married to the love of my life, had a perfect baby girl, a good job and was living a pretty sweet life. At 31 I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, from that day forward my life changed .…for the better.Getting sick allowed me to see how much love and goodness there is in people. With the love and support of my family and friends I made it through surgery, chemo and radiation. When the dust settled, this experience left me physically and emotionally empty. It was then yoga found me. It helped pick me up and transformed me back to a lover of life, my body, of being. From then I was hooked.

Five years later, I craved to have another child. Chances of getting pregnant were slim according to my oncologist. Not only did I get pregnant but I gave birth to beautiful twin girls!This is how I know miracles happen.

Fast forward five years, the company I worked for closed their doors and I wanted a new career. ~YOGA~ Since then I have taught yoga throughout the Tri-Cities at various schools and studios learning more from my students than I could ever imagine. We all come to the mat for various reasons with unique stories, different strengths and weaknesses, however when we peel back all the layers I think we all want the same thing, to live the best life we can. I Love what I do, I feel it every time I step onto my mat. I want to share my passion for yoga because I know first hand how much yoga gives me. Since this journey will continue as long as I am alive, I opened Gravity Yoga in Coquitlam. My business partner and fellow yoga teacher Prestonne Domereski and I wanted to create a space where all are welcome to explore their own unique path in a safe and welcoming environment, a second home. I always remember hearing find what you are passionate about and make it what you do, this is why I know anything is possible. Many things define me yoga being one of them, and that makes me happy. Smiles.