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Jenn Thiel


Hello friends! I am a newly graduated nurse and am ready to take on the world! I only recently finished my nursing program in Vancouver and have decided to travel to Australia for a bit of a well deserved break. I won't be back long in Vancouver after this trip as I'm planning on doing some more travelling to Asia and India. I'm planning on spreading the lululemon love and my zest for life all over the world. You can follow me on my travels by checking out my website: smilewithyourheart.com. Inspiring everyone to live their greatest life imaginable and to love their lives even more!

I am always striving to try my best everyday. This includes running, practicing yoga, meditating, eating healthy, hugging trees as much as possible, and taking part in adventures all over BC, all with amazing people. I strive for a well balanced life. There is so much to learn and so many fun things to do, no matter where you are. Every day is a blessing. Smile with your heart!