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Heather Calcote


Heather Calcote is a registered dietitian living and running around Washington, DC. She authors the blog Dietitian on the Run, keeping up with training runs, kitchen experiments, yoga feats and the latest in nutrition and health news with a side of philosophy. She also works for Wellness Corporate Solutions as a health coach and program manager.

Heather is a BQ-marathoner, looking to cross the elusive Boston Marathon Finish line in 2014. If anything, she loves a challenge! Taking on a Do it now! attitude has brought her to the top of a Colorado 14-er, across the finish line of all types of races and into some of life’s unexpected adventures (e.g. moving across the country twice in two years). She’s passionate about helping people realize their potential, stepping out of their comfort zones and reaching to achieve their biggest goals.
Heather has been quoted in Fitness magazine, featured in Washingtonian’s Well+Being blog and has contributed to a variety of health and fitness sites, including lululemon’s community blog. She loves to seize any opportunity to talk about health, food or nutrition, believing that education will always be the key to change.

Come join her on a run, Tuesday nights at the lululemon Georgetown store!