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Steve Calhoun

Steve Calhoun is a cyclist turned Ultra-runner. After years of cycling on the road Steve began having lower back issues so he decided to retire. However, he missed being physical and pushing himself beyond his own imagination. So he turned to running in 1993 when he moved to Seattle. There he discovered a love of running. Up to that point in his life, running had been the "punishment" in wrestling practice. He entered his first half-marathon in Seattle, did well, and was hooked. One day he found himself asking, "How far and fast can I go"? Thus began his journey to find out. Steve ran his first Marathon in 1995 in Columbus, Ohio in 3:09. In his journey to find out "how far" he started with a 50K then 50 miles. He did well in those distances and placed highly in both his age group and overall. Then In 2010 he ran and completed his first 100-mile trail race at The Burning River 100 in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in 25:58. It was the toughest physical challenge he had ever set before himself and finished. That is what Steve thrives on being able to reach those points where you think you have no more left and then smash through it. His favorite part about the sport of running is sharing it with others, whether it be with friends at a local trail, training with a running club, or meeting new people at races.
He wants others to experience the same joy and self-discovery that he has found through running.