Polaris Fashion Place

Bekah White - Alumni Ambassador

Bekah White is a certified personal trainer and run coach as well as a group fitness instructor at several corporate gyms teaching Spin, Core/Balance, Bootcamp, Contact/Cardio Kickboxing, and Strength Training. She feels blessed to have the amazing opportunity to motivate people to live their healthiest life. When she became a personal trainer she was able to help transform one of her very first clients from someone who was on medication for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol to someone 120lbs lighter. Bekah has done 8 marathons including her first Boston this year, and plans to finish her 11th marathon by November 2012. She has placed first in her age group in two marathons and her goal is to place in the top three overall within the next year and get a sub... Read the profile >>

Jasmine Grace

Yoga On High

Jasmine has learned that by remaining present, positive, committed, and true to yourself adversity can be overcome. She believes that dreams can come true, especially if you are willing to face your fears, adventure outside of your comfort zone, and consistently work hard. Jasmine is the CEO and co-owner of Yoga on High and inspires others to commit, show-up and practice. She is an Ashtanga practitioner and the leader of the Morning Mysore Club. When Jasmine is not teaching Ashtanga, she creatively integrates meditation, prayer, yogic philosophy, visualization, massage, music, knowledge of anatomy and physiology and leadership experience into her Vinyasa yoga classes - all the while keeping a certain spiritual aspect to her teachings. Away from the mat she enjoys time with her husband and... Read the profile >>

Jessica Clay - Alumni Ambassador

Crossfit Polaris

When Jessica became a gymnast at the age of 5, she had no idea that it was the beginning of her career as a professional competitive athlete. Since then, she has been a successful fitness competitor, triathlete, a regional CrossFit competitor and sponsored athlete, and is now a co-owner of Crossfit Polaris. As a woman, Jessica feels very lucky to have been introduced to fitness and athletics at a young age. Being a well-rounded athlete has taught her discipline, drive, and how to cultivate peace and balance in her mind, body and spirit. Jessica believes that her competitive spirit and training as an athlete has helped her become successful in her professional and personal life as well. In addition to her interest in fitness, Jessica is a VP Account Director at Clay Creative, a... Read the profile >>

Kara Lough

Pai Yoga and Fitness

Kara Lough is a certified yoga teacher 200E-RYT - Vinyasa Yoga. She lives by the quote“ Take hold of your own life. See that the whole existence is celebrating. These trees are not serious, these birds are not serious. The rivers and the oceans are wild, and everywhere there is fun, everywhere there is joy and delight. Watch existence, listen to the existence and become part of it. -OSHO” Kara believes that yoga is for everybody regardless of age or ability level. She teaches as an extension of her own practice, and is fascinated with the knowledge of the body and mind to heal itself, through breath, meditation, and movement. She became a student of yoga in 2000, and has been blessed to study under knowledgeable, encouraging teachers, completing her teacher training... Read the profile >>

Lara Falberg - Alumni Ambassador

Lara Falberg is an innovative, inspiring, amazing yoga teacher and in all honesty this doesn’t even do her practice justice. Lara teaches a creative Vinyasa in a varied level of classes. Her energy comes from a gratitude for her good health, good fortune, and passion for yoga and the people it puts her in contact with. She has a history as a social worker, and after suffering poor health, she found yoga and it led her down incredible, healthy, and nurturing paths. Lara teaches at various studios around the city including Grow Yoga, Balanced Yoga and the Arena District. She was the instructor of lululemon athletica Easton Town Centers Omhio, which was the largest yoga event ever held in Columbus and was located in the Horseshoe. Lara has her own instructional yoga DVD, called Yoga Dose.... Read the profile >>

Lisa Hunsaker - Alumni Ambassador

Turning Point Fitness

Lisa Hunsaker is a certified Health and Fitness Instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Power Pilates Teacher Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Xtend Barre Instructor, and Pre/Post Natal certified. Lisa began her fitness career teaching step classes and soon expanded her class curriculum to also include muscle conditioning, cardio kickboxing, aerobics, pre and postnatal exercise, personal training, and finally, her pinnacle form: Pilates. Teaching and studying Classical Pilates lead her to open her own studio, Turning Point Fitness, LLC in 2008. While she enjoys teaching a variety of exercise classes, Lisa believes that Classic Pilates embodies the foundational movement at the heart of all functional movement. Lisa enjoys working with people in both... Read the profile >>

Steve Calhoun - Alumni Ambassador

Steve Calhoun is a cyclist turned Ultra-runner. After years of cycling on the road Steve began having lower back issues so he decided to retire. However, he missed being physical and pushing himself beyond his own imagination. So he turned to running in 1993 when he moved to Seattle. There he discovered a love of running. Up to that point in his life, running had been the "punishment" in wrestling practice. He entered his first half-marathon in Seattle, did well, and was hooked. One day he found himself asking, "How far and fast can I go"? Thus began his journey to find out. Steve ran his first Marathon in 1995 in Columbus, Ohio in 3:09. In his journey to find out "how far" he started with a 50K then 50 miles. He did well in those distances and placed highly in both his age group and... Read the profile >>