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Becca Roodhuyzen


Becca Roo is the owner of the Playoga studio. The “Play” in Playoga captures Becca’s philosophy that yoga can be fun and that there is a dance between yoga and everyday life. Her classes are deeply authentic and lively. Becca explores parallels between the physical body-centered experiences of practice and themes of daily existence. Teaching students deep optimum alignment in their bodies is Becca’s mission; she is a master at meeting students where they are and providing perfect feedback that allows them to experience alignment. "Yoga is a mixing bowl of contrasting complements, just like our lives and ourselves. In this way, the Universe plays: softening within structure, ease within con?ict, limited bodies with in?nite expression. Learning how to be in the center of this... Read the profile >>

Deb Hellman

Dissatisfied with being told that her re-built knees would never allow her to run, Deb began race-walking, and through strength training and perseverance was soon a frequent runner at the Nike Woman’s Marathon. Today, Deb is an avid recreational runner, and can often be found running her favorite trails and parks throughout Colorado Springs, often dressed head-to-toe in one of her favorite lululemon outfits. Balancing a 24-year career at Herman Miller Workplace Resource with her responsibilities at home, Deb served as coach for the Saint Mary's High School cross-country and distance track programs, a position she still holds today. Her approach to coaching includes the latest in running sciences, constantly evolving her technique as new methods and technologies likewise evolve. ... Read the profile >>

Eve and Tyler Lawrence

VillaSport Athletic Club and Spa

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Holly Sciorra

CorePower Yoga Colorado Springs

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Jaelyn Wolf

Progressive Fitness CrossFit

Jaelyn has been an athlete her entire life. Years of competitive snowboarding resulted in back surgery at the age of 19 and the possibility of being forced to halt her athletic endeavors completely if something did not change. About a year after surgery, Jaelyn found CrossFit. CrossFit offered Jaelyn what she had never experienced before in any other type of sport- a community of athletes who were serious about their nutrition, overall fitness, and were willing to put in the effort to reach their goals. The constant variety and intensity of the workouts brought on new challenges and allowed for the competition she had always thrived on. Seeking out and overcoming her weaknesses and anxieties is yet another facet of CrossFit that Jaelyn finds incredibly rewarding. A year... Read the profile >>

Sarah Martin

CorePower Yoga Colorado Springs

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