Charlottesville Showroom

Chris Collins

ACAC Group Exercise

Chris Collins is always bursting with energy! He uses this energy to inspire his students and motivate them through challenging workouts. Chris finished his certifications three years ago with AFFA and Les Mills to teach group exercise and has since helped create classes at ACAC: Athletic Conditioning Cardio Max, Pump Challenge, and Athletic Conditioning Strength. Chris’s primary workout is one that pushed him to the brink. His background in basketball has made him a junkie for workouts that include plyo-metrics, running, jumping, and interval training. These workouts seem to very quickly get his heart pumping and a sweat going. If he doesn’t want to quit his workout at some point, then it’s not worth doing! Chris also enjoys running distance. He has completed two... Read the profile >>

Chris Garay

CrossFit Charlottesville

CrossFit instructor Chris Garay is truly an all-round athlete. His workouts vary between weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprinting through his workouts at CrossFit Charlottesville. Chris loves how with CrossFit there are always new things to learn, skills to hone, and people to meet. CrossFit constantly allows you small opportunities for progress as well as humility. Chris grew up playing basketball, soccer, wrestling, and ultimate Frisbee. In high school and college, he participated in drum and bugle corps, spending many hours a day outside each summer rehearsing and competing. After college, he began training for and racing short-distance triathlons and trail-runs. Chris started CrossFit as a great way to train for all those events, and now it’s his main workout! Chris... Read the profile >>

Hyam Hosny

Clay Fitness + Nutrition

Hyam Hosny is the owner of Clay Fitness + Nutrition. Her primary workout is athletic training, which includes a combination of balance, agility, and speed drills along with functional weight training, isometrics, and plyometrics. Her workouts include everything from kettlebells and TRX to BOSU, dumbbells, and plyo boxes. Hyam loves the variety and high intensity in this type of athletic training. Her training allows her to enjoy her other favorite endurance-focused exercises, like running, without the risk of injury inherent in other more repetitive workouts. Outside of her athletic training at Clay Fitness + Nutrition, Hyam also enjoys to run, bike, and weight train. She loves finding ways to challenge the body in different ways in order to keep herself engaged during the workout. ... Read the profile >>

Kendra Bell

Run Expert

Kendra’s mornings usually start with a jog out on the town. She loves how running requires so little planning. Kendra keeps a change of clothes and a pair of running shoes in her car so that she can get out and run whenever she feels inspired. It was through the Army that Kendra found her love for running. After killing it on the run during her PT test, she started training for longer distances. She now enjoys running marathons, Boston being her favorite so far! Since moving to Charlottesville, from Austin, Texas she has started trail running. She recently completed her first 50k and is looking forward to meeting new and exciting races in the future! Kendra received a degree in dietetics from Kansas State University. After graduation she joined the Army to complete her... Read the profile >>

Kiki Hocking

ACAC Yoga Instructor

ACAC yoga instructor, Kiki Hocking, found her true passion 13 years ago when she fell in love with yoga. She has since received her RYT from the Charlottesville Yoga School and now practices Ashtanga and Vinyasa 5-6 days a week. Practicing and teaching yoga makes her feel at home and truly defines her as a person. Yoga helps her heal and facilitates growth, not only in her, but also in those that she teaches. Kiki has a BA in Commercial Art and has her MATs in Transpersonal Psychology. Her dissertation focused on the mergence of creative expression and shamanism as a mode of healing. This degree has influenced her yoga teaching. Kiki has always been an active person. Outside of yoga she enjoys hiking, running trails, and working out with a personal trainer. Read the profile >>

Lizzie Clark

Bikram Yoga Charlottesville

Bikram Yoga Instructor Lizzie Clark began practicing Bikram Yoga in the fall of 1999 while working in Washington, D.C. At first the practice was an escape from the stresses of work and the pain from injuries incurred during a collegiate soccer career and long distance running. After a year or so of Bikram Yoga, she started running less and focused more on Bikram Yoga. In the fall of 2001, she began asking herself why she was working in a world that so poorly fit into her dreams and aspirations. Bikram Yoga helped her see the potential for happiness in her life. She felt an intense motivation to go to Bikram Yoga training in the spring of 2003, to move to beautiful Charlottesville, Virginia, and to open Bikram Yoga Charlottesville on January 27, 2004. Yoga has offered Lizzie... Read the profile >>

Robin Truxel


Pilates Instructor Robin Truxel is a certified Pilates instructor and owner of tru PILATES in Charlottesville. While rowing and competing in cross-country at Ithaca College, Robin also gained her Masters of Physical Therapy. She practiced in orthopedics and sports medicine for 7 years prior to opening tru PILATES. After college Robin started running marathons. She has run 12 marathons, including 3 Bostons, NYC, and Death Valley. Her primary workout right now is a monkey gym workout that she learned in Italy from Kit Laughlin. This workout is inspired by the old school gymnastics training that Pilates was based off of, including mat exercises, gymnastic rings, ropes, pull ups, wall ladders, and crazy plyometrics on stairs. After a monkey gym workout Robin feels super strong, like a... Read the profile >>

Tracey Wood

Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville + Boar's Head Sports Club

Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor Tracey Wood has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2001 with her primary teacher Jennifer Elliot. She is a graduate of the Charlottesville Yoga School completing her Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification in January 2009. Yoga is a source of strength and serenity in Tracey’s life both on and off the mat. Tracey finds yoga physically challenging and mentally and spiritually empowering. Through her dedicated practice and teaching she inspires to explore one’s inner self and cultivate the interconnectedness we all share. Tracey hopes her teaching will convey the physical benefits of yoga, as well as an opportunity to reconnect with one’s true nature. With emphasis on the breath, proper alignment and nurturing adjustments, Tracey encourages her... Read the profile >>

Valerie Morini

Pure Barre

Charlottesville Pure Barre instructor, Valerie Morini, is all about the lift.tone.burn of Pure Barre and addicted to the PB shake. She loves how effective Pure Barre is at changing women’s bodies. The method focuses on the areas of the body women struggle with most. It creates long lean muscles by working with them to the core through isometric movements and then stretching them out. Valerie loves that she can get her ‘seat’ kicked with Pure Barre as her workout for the day, or use it to supplement her cardio routine. Outside of Pure Barre, Valerie is a runner, spinner, rower, hiker, yogi, and lover all things that can make you sweat. She grew up dancing, swimming, and overloading on activities. Valerie was a 2007 graduate of The University of Virginia and a member of the... Read the profile >>

Vanessa Schnable

ACAC Charlottesville

Vanessa Schnable turned a favorite hobby into a career when she realized she no longer wanted a desk job. As the Personal Training and Group Exercise Director for ACAC Downtown, she spends her days showing people that working out, no matter how hard it may seem at the time, is worth the effort. She teaches a variety of classes such as boxing, biathlon, water aerobics, and kettlebell conditioning. She also does one-on-one personal training and small and large group sessions. Her own personal favorite workout is running, and she participates in all the local Charlottesville races that she can, including the women’s 4 miler, the Cville Ten Miler, and the Turkey Trot, and has even placed in her age group in several of them. Vanessa grew up in Charlottesville, attended UVa, and hasn’t... Read the profile >>