Calgary : Market Mall

Jamie Cameron

Bodhi Tree Yoga and Mandala Yoga

Jamie is a wonderful Certified Yoga Teacher. She teaches hot, vinyasa flow, hatha, prenatal and restorative mainly at Bohdi Tree Yoga and at Yoga Mandala.
For her, yoga is this magical alchemy of breath and movement, mind and body that has the power to drop her into the present like nothing else. Her yoga journey started 7 years ago and it has been a process of uncovering and awakening a dormant seed of clarity and purpose inside. She believes yoga is a commitment, not only to go to her mat everyday but also to take those lessons learned in her practice to her everyday life. Yoga has shown her that one cannot predict what is going to happen - life is full of surprises!
Her sincere desire as a teacher is to humbly serve from a place of compassion and honesty. She works to provide a safe atmosphere to explore and yet challenge you as a student - to bring your best self onto the mat, a best self whose expression is as fluid and changeable as this crazy little thing called life... Namaste.