Calgary : Market Mall

Elmria Barry

Hot Yoga on Crowfoot and Hot Yoga on 17

Ever since Elmira took her first hot yoga class in 2003 it was her dream to open up her own hot yoga studio. Having always been active in sports, she loved the challenge and was surprised by how calming it was at the same time.
> Elmira took the leap with her husband Paul in 2008 and chased her dream! For Elmira, she says that yoga is about breathing and having fun. Indeed, when you take her classes, those are the two things she reminds you of most often. Her classes are always high energy--she reminds you to smile and not take yourself so seriously. She will also push you past what you thought you could do. You will always leave having received an invigorating and challenging class. Every class ends on a sweet note. As you’re laying in savassana with a cool lemon grass towel over your forehead, Elmira reads a passage from a book. You leave the class on a positive note, pondering the lesson from the passage, and continuing on with your day feeling amazing. Elmira lives and breathes what lululemon is all about. Being present, creating a life you love, and having so much fun doing it.