Burlington : Church Street

Carolyn Bever

Carolyn's passion for fitness and nutrition blossomed in conjuction with her interest in running, which began 17 years after the birth of her first daughter. In high school, Carolyn always identified as a musician (violinist), not an athlete; it was challenging for her to muster up the courage to step into the world of fitness.

She did find that courage as an adult, and now running and fitness is a way of life. Once she began running, she was immediately hooked. After completing over 20 marathons, including Boston, NYC, Chicago and Portland, Carolyn decided that to maintain an injury free body and become even faster, cross-training and overall body strength was necessary. She started teaching group fitness classes and got certified to be a Les Mills Body-Pump and Body-Attack instructor. With a hunger to understand even more about the body, she became a certified personal trainer and loves helping people one on one to reach and achieve their fitness goals.

Carolyn continues to relish in her passion for music. She started playing the violin at the tender age of seven, and it is her other passion and outlet for stress. She has a private studio where she teaches fifty-five violin students each week. When she isn't running, teaching, training a client, or cooking, she is spending time with her family - her last and most important passion. She's been married to her 'hero' for twenty years and has three amazing kids, who inspire her to always ask more of herself.