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Abbey Kaknes


Abbey lined up at the start of the Vermont City Marathon in 2010 with a subtle hope of running a PR. Although she had dabbled in marathon running for a few years, she considered herself, at most, a recreational runner. Her training was fueled by her kindergarten class, her runs timed by the Microwave clock, and her idea of a “warm-up” was the first mile or two of the race. She found herself, however, looking forward to her long runs. As a UVM Women’s Soccer and Hockey Alum, she once considered a soccer game as a long run. After a Spring of a few 20ish mile runs, Abbey crossed the finish line of the 2010 Vermont City Marathon as the first Vermonter with a sub-3 hour marathon time. Discovering a love for running and igniting a passion for competition, Abbey’s training has evolved from, once rounding her runs to the nearest few minutes or miles, to specific work-outs and pacing. Abbey races for Vermont’s Premier Running Club, GMAA, and competes regionally in many of New England’s Grand Prix Series races.

As quick as Abbey fell into competitive running, however, she learned the importance of balance in life and running. She found it too easy to get wrapped-up with hard runs, mile splits, and totaling up weekly mileage. After battling nagging injuries and running through pain, she turned to yoga to balance out her constantly tight hips and calves. Yoga, as well as her kindergarten students, has taught the Type-A runner in Abbey that it’s OK to run slow some days and sometimes let things just be.

A teacher at heart, Abbey teaches kindergarten at Essex Elementary School. With a Master’s in Reading and Language Arts, Abbey loves the art of teaching her young ones reading and writing. She also teaches Bodypump at The Edge and is considering a Yoga Teacher Training certification. Once a teacher, always a teacher.