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Lori Haverty


Lori Haverty has devoted nearly 20 years to the health and fitness industry. She is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor. After graduating from Salem State College with a Bachelors Degree in Science, concentration in Fitness with a minor in Biology, she became American College of Sports Medicine Certified (ACSM) and Personal Trained for 15 years.
After studying Health and Wellness she also received certifications in Primary Aerobic Certification; AFAA, Step Certified; AFAA & Reebok, Extreme Aerobic, Certified; AAAI/ISMA, Power Flex Certified; B-FIT University, Johnny G. Spinning Certified; Mad Dog Spinning.
To help keep you safe she is also certified in CPR/First Aid; National Health and Safety Foundation, Defibrillator Certified, Region III Northeast EMS.

She will push you past your comfort level--something difficult to do on your own. Lori Haverty will also help you reach your goals, educate you about strength training, cardio and basic nutrition! She will give you a reason to show up at the gym each week, work you’re hardest and ways to help you keep track of your progress! Teaching Kick Boxing & Boot camp classes are her specialty at the Reading Athletic Club, building fitness and fun all in 1-hour!

Lori Haverty is the Fitness Director at the Reading Athletic Club, 1 General Way, Reading, MA. She over see’s the Aerobic Classes, Specialty Classes, and all programs that go on at the fitness center. With that comes 88 classes a week, Health Fairs, and a full service Spinning program. Come visit Lori Haverty at Lulu lemon and try her Tension Band Classes! Enjoy the workout!