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Jen Ryan


Jen Ryan opened The Yoga Loft in Wilmington in October of 2005. Jen was born and raised in Wilmington and she wanted to create a fun, friendly place for people in the community to come and practice. She started practicing in the early 90's while living in California and was immediately 'hooked'. She decided to move back to Wilmington after finishing her graduate degrees and decided to teach here.

Eventually she chose to dedicate herself to studying and practicing yoga full time. She trained and studied the Ashtanga practice and continues to study and practice daily. Jen has studied with local and national master teachers, including Shiva Rea, Manju Jois, David Swenson, Nicole Bacon and Mimi Louriero. She believes that one must continue to learn, practice and study on their own before being able to teach others; and she believes that discipline should continue in order to be a better teacher. She shares this belief and dedication with her amazing teachers in training in The Yoga Loft RYT program. She hopes that you can support them during the Community Classes that they teach

She started giving free community classes at the local elementary school and began teaching in studios all over Boston and the Merrimack Valley. Finally she decided to open The Yoga Loft and bring the practice home to Wilmington. Besides the daily class offering and teacher training, she runs workshops and specialty classes and works with local and national charities to host fund raisers. The Yoga Loft sponsored the Wilmington Farmers Market through their Community Classes and donations and hopes to build a strong Community Class base to continue that support. As an Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica she goes into the community and invites the community into the studio for variety of yoga events. She worked as teacher liaison for the Global Mala in September 2007 and 2008 and hopes that everyone can participate in the worldwide peace effort.

A few years ago, she started The Yoga Amistad of Massachusetts to help bring yoga teachers and students together at the local level and work on bringing even better yoga instruction to the community. You can visit the YaMas page on our site to find out more and check out the next meeting.

When she isn’t teaching, practicing or teaching high school Spanish, Jen enjoys spending time with the two men in her life; her husband, Bill and her son, Levi, from whom she finds daily inspiration.