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Amanda Califano

Black Crow Yoga

Having been a dancer, athlete, and fitness enthusiast all her life, Amanda has always been active, but it wasn’t until she stepped onto a mat for the first time that she felt a connection to her self that went way beyond just physical exercise. For Amanda, yoga is more than what you do on your mat; it’s how you live, it’s what you share with others, it’s when you wake up one day feeling more aware, more patient, more content. As a lululemon Ambassador, Amanda appreciates every opportunity she has to participate in community events and fully believes in the power of intention setting and positive thinking. She recently said good-bye to a full-time legal career in order to pursue her passion for yoga and to be more present in her relationships with friends, family, and Toby (her 5lb Yorkie!) Amanda draws inspiration from many different styles of yoga and has studied with local and international teachers including Seane Corn, Rolf Gates, Johnny Gillespie, David Magone, and Jacqui Bonwell. She strives to help her students explore their own yoga experience and to grow and transform both on and off the mat. Amanda believes in finding a balance between challenging your mind and body, playing with your edge, and finding space and serenity on your mat. In her class, expect to be physically challenged, mentally relaxed, and encouraged to find some lightness and playfulness in your practice! Amanda is also Reiki Level 1 certified and is known for her love of assisting (often with the help of soothing lavender oil in savasana!)