Brisbane : James Street

Bryce Tunny

Bryce joined the Army at a very young age, the lifestyle and physical training methods proved to be unsuited to his body, with constant injuries and a lack of sufficient recovery caused mounting health and wellbeing issues. He left the army to give himself time to recover and repair. He tried out many different styles of exercise looking for one that would suit him, until finally a friend dragged him kicking and screaming to a Yoga class, swearing that it would help with the back pain caused by sitting in front of computers too much. He was hooked immediately. It was perfect, an incredibly intense workout with no impact, which was not likely to aggravate any of the niggling injuries he carried. Fast forward from that point, and over time he came to the realisation that he was getting more than just a workout.

Bryce's passion and the focus of his teaching is Power Yoga, but he also practices and teaches Yin Yoga. The Power style Bryce teaches is Power Living Yoga, which is derived from a merging of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. Ashtanga is a smooth flowing vinyasa practice with each new pose held for 5 breaths and Iyengar is a practice with precise biomechanical alignments of the body with long holds.You can find Bryce at various studios in Brisbane including: New Farm Power Yoga, Harlow Yoga, Pure Health Club and Flex Hot Yoga.