James Street

Bryce Tunny

Bryce joined the Army at a very young age, the lifestyle and physical training methods proved to be unsuited to his body, with constant injuries and a lack of sufficient recovery caused mounting health and wellbeing issues. He left the army to give himself time to recover and repair. He tried out many different styles of exercise looking for one that would suit him, until finally a friend dragged him kicking and screaming to a Yoga class, swearing that it would help with the back pain caused by sitting in front of computers too much. He was hooked immediately. It was perfect, an incredibly intense workout with no impact, which was not likely to aggravate any of the niggling injuries he carried. Fast forward from that point, and over time he came to the realisation that he was getting... Read the profile >>

Julie Smerdon

Shri Yoga

Wife & mum, perennial student, and founder of Shri Yoga in Brisbane, Julie has been teaching yoga full-time for more than a decade. A student of yoga since the early 1990’s, her practice took on a new meaning in 1999 when a medical crisis nearly cut her life short. Passionate about sharing her profound experience of yoga’s ability to heal body and spirit, Julie did her initial training in 2001 with Baron Baptiste. In 2002 she met John Friend and was captivated by the elegant methodology and philosophy of Anusara Yoga, racking up over 1000 hours of training and earning her Anusara certification in 2007. Since founding Shri Yoga in 2010, Julie has gained an Australia-wide reputation as a world-class yoga teacher and community builder. Julie is known for her unique ability to... Read the profile >>

Leon Collopen

Liv Yoga

Student of Ayurveda and Yoga Yoga Teacher Born in South Africa with a diverse cultural background (Nepalese, Indian, African, German and Scottish) Leon first discovered Yoga in 2005. Leon experienced an immediate transformation after his first class. Leon felt something very special and has continued to live Yoga and teach regular classes in Brisbane. Leon’s passion in Life is to help and care for people overcome challenges in a positive, calm and balanced way. Leon has worked as a support outreach worker in the community sector for many years, including the Brisbane Homeless Service Centre, equal employment opportunities for people with a disability and who are less fortunate, Youth worker and Residential support worker. Through the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda Leon has... Read the profile >>

Mishel Jemma Finlayson


A local to Brisbane, Mishel grew up surrounded by dance, with her parents passing on their love of ballet and ballroom. From the age of four she studied jazz, ballet and tap, but it wasn’t until her first trip to Rio de Janeiro at 21 that she developed her passion for Brazilian dance. Mishel spent two years in Rio studying extensively under the guidance of Brazilian Zouk masters such as Adilio Porto and Renata Pecanha, and Samba queens such as Sheila Aquino and Luanda Lins. She also paraded in the Carnival for Grande Rio and Tijuca Samba schools. Mishel now returns to Rio annually to take her Sambaliscious “Rio Carnival dance tour”, and to continue her professional development as an international Brazilian dance instructor, promoter and performer. Mishel has also studied... Read the profile >>

Sally Robbins

Teneriffe Chiro

Sally Robbins, Olympian, founder and owner of Teneriffe Yoga has been a dedicated yogi for six years. After sixteen years as an elite athlete in the sport of rowing, her partner who is a chiropractor introduced her to yoga knowing its profound benefits. After graduating from Curtin University with a degree in Journalism, she worked for Fairfax for two years writing a sports column and then pursued her yoga teacher training. Now a level two instructor, Sally has been influenced by alignment based Hatha Vinyasa flow and is known for her inspirational style of teaching that blends both eastern spiritual philosophy and western techniques for mental, physical and spiritual transformation. Her classes cater for all people and all levels of yoga experience. Sally’s background in Hatha... Read the profile >>

Sophie Northam

Fine Lines Pilates and Mvement

The principal of Fine Lines Pilates & Movement is Sophie Northam. Sophie has always had a passion for movement. She began her career as a professional ballet dancer, performing featured roles with companies in New York and Germany. During her time as a dancer, Sophie used Pilates as an integral part of her general conditioning and rehabilitation program. Therefore, it was only natural that she developed a desire to continue her involvement with Pilates after her retirement from dancing. After returning to Brisbane in 2006, Sophie completed her instructor training program under the guidance of respected Australian practitioners Nicole Vass and Jan Smith and began to teach mat and studio Pilates. Sophie also completed the internationally recognised Polestar Studio Pilates... Read the profile >>

Yumi Kaneko Collopen

Liv Yoga

Yoga student, Yoga teacher Yumi has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Since she was young, she has loved travelling and experiencing different cultures and meeting people. She has studied Anthropology at the University in Canada. Yumi’s first class of yoga was in the U.SA. when she was travelling the world. She has practiced many different types of yoga in many different countries and when she went back to Japan, her home country, she met Ashtanga yoga. At her very first class of Ashtanga yoga, she felt something had ‘clicked’ in herself- something special and deep. She continued practicing Ashtanga yoga after she moved to Australia. In 2009, Yumi visited Mysore, India and practiced under her teacher, Saraswathi at Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. In... Read the profile >>