Brisbane : Carindale

Jodie Gillam-Pendergast

Namaste, I am the principal Yoga Teacher and Therapist at Source YOGA & I LOVE yoga!

I discovered yoga as a child and became fascinated by one book in particular I came across. The complete Illustrated Book Of Yoga published by the Sivananada Yoga Vedanta Centres. My teenage self clumsily imitating the shoulder stand sequence at any opportunity to show off, never imagined that I would one day study in India with Senior disciples of the books author, Swami Vishnu Devananda. My experiences in India studying in the gurukula method formed a deep reverence for traditional Yoga and the way it is taught and delivered. I aim to keep to tradition whilst not trying to pretend that we are Indian. Yoga was born and developed in a cultural context and some practices just don’t come easily or are just not relevant to our western, modern lives.

My most important lesson in yoga has been that a deep intellectual appreciation and/or understanding of Yoga philosophy is important, but secondary to practice. Yoga is an experiential science that needs to be practiced physically in order to understand. And for me, practice should translate from the mat into one’s every day life. Being mindful is easy in a class setting, but real Yoga is practiced in your everyday life through the way you relate to your fellow sentient beings and environment. I hope that classes at Source Yoga always guide the student to appreciate the broader significance of practicing Yoga.

My teaching style combines my anatomy and physiology skills with an appreciation of the kinesthetic and biomechanic aspects of Yoga. Raised in the Sivanananda Tradition, I don’t adhere solely to this style. My class is a blend of many influences of authentic classical yoga. I am deeply inspiried by modern proponents of Yoga such as Shri K P Jois, Simon Borg Olivier, Matthew Sweeny, Richard Clark, BKS Iyengar, Desikachar and many other teachers who I meet on the Yogic Path.

Source Yoga is my passion… I apply the maxim “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” to my job and it rewards me every day. Enough about me… practice Yoga!