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Courtney Kemmerer

I've been riding a bike as long as I can remember. Pigtails, banana seat, streamers, basket and all! I found the time I pedaled therapeutic and fun. Then I grew up met hubby and found myself chasing him and his friends in the woods on the rocks and roots. I began taking indoor cycling classes as a supplement to my outdoor riding and fell in love with the benefits. I began teaching I loved it so much. As a category 1 cross country mountain bike racer i enjoy pushing and challenging myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. I race and ride because I love everything about it. I share my experiences and training practices with my classes pushing them out of their comfort zones and watch them accomplish great things. As a woman cyclist my dream is to see the woman’s cycling community... Read the profile >>

Erin Klemme

Glow Inc./P.S. 108

Erin took her first yoga class in 1998 as a college student and became certified to teach when she was 22 years old. A year later, she went on to earn her certification as a massage therapist, and has been working as a holistic healing practitioner ever since. Erin’s teaching is informed by her knowledge of anatomy as well as by her lifelong fascination with natural and intuitive healing modalities. While she is known for her uniquely perceptive sequencing and innate ability to guide students far beyond their perceived limitations, Erin delights most in helping her students tap into their own wisdom so they can come to know themselves as their own greatest teachers and healers. While teaching asana slowly and meticulously with a strong emphasis on breath, Erin invites her students to... Read the profile >>

Jessie Haims

Jessica Haims is a 200hr certified yoga alliance teacher located in Northern NJ offering alignment based vinyasa yoga. Jessie began yoga four years ago after searching for a physical practice that would help enhance her dancing abilities as well as aid many of the physical problems she faced with her body. After her first class she went to she was immediately hooked and started practicing all over NJ and NYC to explore different styles. After a year and a half of serious practicing Jessie decided she wanted to get certified and pursued her first 200 hours. To date she has over 400 teacher training hours and over 2,000 hours of teaching experience. Since then Jessica has studied extensively from Katonah Yoga; a method of yoga that uses Taoist theory and seeks to apply geometrical... Read the profile >>

Kelly Keller

Kelly discovered her passion for fitness after the birth of her first child in 2006. She began teaching pilates, cardio interval and aqua exercise along with motivating many to live a healthier lifestyle. Kelly is also an avid participant in a variety of races including running (5ks to marathons), triathlons, and even a few “mud runs” for good measure. While she had always enjoyed the physical benefits of yoga as a compliment to her vigorous exercise schedule, in 2010 Kelly became more intensely drawn to the practice for the spiritual and mental benefits. She began her journey to a certified yoga instructor at Princeton Center for Yoga and Health and is now a 200 hour Register Yoga Teacher. Kelly believes that the addition of yoga in her life keeps her balanced both inside and out... Read the profile >>

Mike Metzgar

Guerrilla Fitness

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Shannon Elliott

Onyx Mind Body

Shannon is the owner of Onyx Mind Body and has been integrally involved since we opened our doors in May of 2009. As a yoga instructor and administrator, she has nurtured Onyx's growth alongside her own. Shannon teaches both traditional and HOT yoga classes placing a keen focus on alignment. Her classes are a safe space where students are cared for and challenged. She has the ability to make students feel as if she is speaking directly to them without drawing individual attention to the person. Demanding participation in effort, her students work hard all while having fun. Shannon invites people to challenge themselves and progress pass their limited notions of what they believe possible. Her gift to others is to pass on the Teachings from those who have done the same for her. No matter... Read the profile >>