Boise Showroom

Audrey Millstein

Pilates @ Muse

Born and raised in a small town in Kansas, Audrey had a lot of room to run, play, jump and create. A dirt pad as the basketball court, a mowed field for softball, pond for swimming, gravel roads for running and an older brother as an “opponent”, the career started. A 3rd degree brown belt at the age of 12, Audrey was ready to compete. To be unaffected by the variety of motion, was now known to be impossible. Audrey took all of the background of her junior Olympics in basketball and track and became a division 1 collegiate athlete….and then fell to injury. A blown ACL and a frustrated mind Audrey began physical therapy and a year later, blew the same knee same ACL all over again. Depressed and crushed, she moved to Los Angeles and began her 2 year, 2000 hour pilates apprentice... Read the profile >>

Austin Zander

A-Z Fitness

A passion for health and fitness has lead to an unrivaled ability to design exclusive fitness programs to get the very best results out of those who train with him. Austin’s exclusive programs are focused to be authentic and encouraging to each person he trains, believing that one’s internal development is as important as one’s outer appearance. His workouts challenge his clients both inside and outside of the studio, available for At-Home or On-Location appointments. No matter where they are located, every training session is customized by varying levels of functional and core stability, alignment and corrective exercises, strength training, cardio conditioning, and flexibility training. Today Austin is a certified member of the National Acadamy of Sports Medicine (NASM),... Read the profile >>

Becca Tegen

Bikram Yoga Boise

Becca Tegen grew up in Boise Idaho with a steep inclination toward adventure and exploration. While living in New York City, she was introduced to Bikram Yoga by a coworker and attended her first class in downtown Manhattan in September of 2005. By the end of that initial class she felt a deep sense of peace and clarity; she loved the consistency, heat, and challenge of Bikram. From that point forward Becca knew she had found something that she truly loved. With a consistent practice, the changes she began to see in herself - mentally, physically and emotionally were life altering. Becca began to cope much better under stressful situations and found her overall attitude towards life became more relaxed and positive. She always knew she wanted to be more involved with the yoga. ... Read the profile >>

Erin Creagan

The Breathing Room

I grew up in southern California and spent my younger years excelling at competitive swimming., earning me an athletic scholarship to San Diego State University where I received my bachelor of arts in communication. After college I embarked on a new athletic endeavor of open ocean competition and competed on a national level. It was in competition that I sustained chronic shoulder and hip injuries consistent with overuse. Pilates was introduced to me as a way to strengthen my core, back and buttocks. Pilates changed the shape of my body from a classic broad, hunched, swimmer with chronic shoulder injury, to a more narrow, leaner, athlete, free of injury. Wishing I had learned the principals of Pilates during my collegiate swimming career, I decided to study the method. Testing into... Read the profile >>

Heather Earl

Heather approaches yoga as an art form honoring diverse yogic traditions. She discovered a deep appreciation and dedication to her practice while living in Azerbaijan where there was not a single yoga teacher to be found. Through self study and a daily commitment to self-guided practice she developed a teaching style that honors each student's unique needs. As an Interdisciplinary Yoga Instructor through the Nosara Yoga Institute she draws her teaching style from training in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Kripalu foundations. Her vinyasa classes are creative, energetic and challenging, bringing together the power of breath, meditation and movement in a dynamic flow. As a lifelong athlete, Heather specializes in bringing her knowledge of running, cycling, skiing and tennis to the mat, creating... Read the profile >>

Jamie Mitchell

Bikram Boise a native of Idaho who has been enjoying the benefits of yoga in her life for over 13 years. She was introduced to the Bikram series while living in Portland, OR. In 2002 she moved back to Boise and upon finding no Bikram Yoga classes available, Jamie attended the Yoga College of India...for an extensive ten week teacher training program with Bikram Choudhury and his staff of senior teachers. She continues her lifelong understanding of yoga by returning to teacher trainings regularly, aiding in teacher trainings, and attending workshops and seminars. Jamie loves teaching yoga and being able to share such a great avenue to peace, health and raised awareness with people. Read the profile >>

Jenni Hooker

Gold's Gym

Jenni Hooker - has spent the last five years as a Les Mills licensed BodyJam instructor and has added BodyAttack and most recently BodyPump to her schedule at Gold's Gym. While Jenni enjoys all different types of physical activity, her passion is dance. Beginning at the age of four, Jenni has competed in both team and individual local and national competitions. She also had the opportunity to open the Holiday Parade in Hollywood, CA while dancing with the Harvey Neef Mane Line Dancers. Jenni also takes the time to travel at least one a year and learn from the Les Mills International Program Directors and National Trainers. Last year, she received one on one training from Gandalf Archer, the BodyJam International Program Director from New Zealand, along with many Nationally... Read the profile >>

Jenny Lewis

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "What lies before us and what lies behind us is nothing compared to what lies within us." When you take a class with Jenny Lewis, the inspirational words of writers and philosophers are one of the motivating features that will lift your spirits and engage your intellect. Movement in all its forms--physical, psychological, and spiritual--has been the focus of Jenny's classes for over 25 years. Although Jenny currently spends most of her time teaching yoga and Pilates Reformer classes, she still gets a thrill from leaping off her step while teaching aerobics. Having studied with many amazing Yoga masters, Jenny's practice is deeply influenced by John Friend, the founder of Anusara Yoga. She has participated in countless workshops with John and... Read the profile >>

Julie Bush

Axiom Fitness

Born and raised in Boise, I am an Idaho girl 100%. Whether it is a run, bike ride, hike in the foothills, or snow day, I love all things outdoors - the best place to experience all things Boise! I've spent 6 years with Axiom as a Les Mills certified BodyCombat and BodyJam instructor, most recently adding BodyPump to my certifications. With several classes per week, every workout is my favorite part of the day. Time spent with members and other instructors at Axiom feels like a genuine exchange to me; I am sharing my energy, fitness training, and motivation, and in return I get inspiration, ambition, and smiles. I feel passionate about supporting the Axiom members and team, my friends, that encourage myself as well. I am heavily involved in planning and accomplishing annual fundraisers... Read the profile >>

Kevin Everett

Treasure Valley YMCA

Kevin is in the business of testing the limits of the human heart both for himself and the athletes he coaches, and finds it to be a rewarding affair.This includes all aspects of the human heart; the physiological limits of the cardiovascular system to the astounding potential of the human spirit. Working at the YMCA has shown him the benefits of leading an active lifestyle. As a full time Head Coach to Master’s Swimming (Sawtooth Masters) and Triathlon (Boise Y TriClub) he balances these roles while competing as a professional triathlete. The challenges are compelling and satisfying especially when one sees the health benefits the community receives from enjoying regular vigorous aerobic exercise. The YMCA represents the community demographics and the Master’s Swimming and... Read the profile >>

Kris Taylor

Kris Taylor LOVES to dance! Her passion for dance and movement led her to develop Deep Dance Experience (DDX). Prior to founding the DDX program, Kris studied intensely for several years with a teacher of the Diamond Heart and Mind Study. The focus of this series is to orient and guide those individuals who are engaged in the difficult process of essential realization.Combining her knowledge of emotional connectivity with her joy in the freedom of dance, Kris created the foundation of Deep Dance Experience. She realized this was an opportunity for her and her students to reach new levels in exercise. Kris considers herself a Dance Coach. Her ability to inspire non-choreographed, free-form dance to carefully selected music is truly an experience like no other in group fitness settings... Read the profile >>

Marcy Midnight

Sage Yoga and Wellness

Marcy has been practicing and studying yoga for eleven years, beginning with Iyengar and Ashtanga, and now practices “the flow” full time. She began Prana Flow yoga 500-hour teacher training in Venice, CA with master yogini Shiva Rea in 2007 and continues to study with and assist her in teacher trainings and workshops. Marcy’s style of teaching is inspired by movement and breath, and she draws on and integrates her experience with the natural world into her yoga. She believes yoga is one of many transformational paths and it allows one to become more deeply connected with the true self and the infinite potential that lies within. Her teaching creates the opportunity for practitioners to be vulnerable, to grow and transform, to play, to find authenticity and discover their own... Read the profile >>

Marisa Smith Weppner

Sage Wellness Studio

Marisa K. Smith has been a practitioner of yoga for over 10 years. She completed her Interdisciplinary Yoga and Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings from the Nosara Yoga Institute in 2002 and has been teaching ever since. Marisa opened her own yoga studio in Montana in 2003 and has lead workshops on meditation, Ayurveda, Ashtanga, Transpersonal Psychology, Ecopsychology & Pranayamas. She is gifted at bringing the heights of spiritual teachings down to earth. As a yoga teacher, reiki master, and Vipassana meditator, Marisa lives a path dedicate to whole self healing. Her graduate education was completed at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology where she earned her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Studies. Her passion is sharing the art of yoga as a complete tool for Self empowerment... Read the profile >>

Nicole Vickerman

Bikram Yoga Boise

Nicole was born and raised on a farm in Caldwell, Idaho where she attended grades K-12, as well as her first year of college at College of Idaho. She transferred to Linfield College to study Finance and Economics and to play college softball. Upon graduation in June 2002, Nicole returned to live in Boise, where she still resides. After a few years of exploring different jobs and career avenues, Nicole found her love, her passion, in Yoga....specifically Bikram Yoga. After years of being an athlete, many hours in the gym, Nicole found great solitude, peace, and well-being in her yoga practice. Not only did she find all of this, due to consistent efforts with her practice, she was able to rid herself of all chronic back pain that had stemmed from a car accident. No longer living with... Read the profile >>

Rachel Teannalach

Sage Yoga and Wellness and Muuv Studio

Rachel Teannalach sees yoga as a practice that aligns all aspects of oneself with the wholeness of life. She received her training in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was lucky to study with many of the wonderful teachers there, including Maritza, Sianna Sherman, Kenny Graham, Noah Maze, and Jim Bernaert. An Anusara-inspired certified teacher, Rachel has over 700 hours of training in Anusara Yoga, 100 of which have been directly with Anusara founder John Friend. She began studying yoga in college ten years ago, and has been a teacher for 5 years. Her classes balance a challenging and athletic playfulness with gentle introspection and rejuvenation. Rachel also works privately with clients to address therapeutic concerns, or those wishing to deepen their knowledge of yoga and become... Read the profile >>

Sarah Durney

Ashtanga Boise

Sarah Durney loves movement and is inspired daily by the amazing and healthy effects of a regular yoga practice. Sarah teaches and practices ashtanga vinyasa yoga, rock climbs, skis, and dances traditional Argentine tango. She believes sticking to things that you are passionate about brings great results: practice, play, devote, and focus. These, she believes are the best teachers. She is constantly humbled by her ashtanga practice, teaching and practicing are both difficult; but more difficult is the daily dedication on and off the mat that make the practice unique. Every single time, the practice brings new awarenesses and wisdom; it is only if you are able to listen, that you can understand the benefits and the enlightenment that comes with such practices. After a trip to India... Read the profile >>