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Wade Waddick

Growing up inspired by watching his father train in the basement with short shorts and a headband, fitness has always attracted his heart. Training from childhood up to college, Wade competing in every sport including track, soccer, boxing, football, baseball, and college basketball. Growing up, Wade had to overcome being the skinny kid in sports, so he dedicated himself to training. Wade prided himself on always being the best conditioned athlete on any team to set the example of how a tireless work ethic leads to success. After college, Wade joined the United States Marine Corps to further his passion to be challenged and to serve this great country. After serving two years at the United States Naval Academy, Wade went on to be the Remedial Physical Training Sergeant for Bravo Company 1st Battalion 2nd Marine Division. Wade helped Marines stay in top physical condition to perform their jobs at the highest level and continuously set the standard for all military branches. The Marine Corps would help mold Wade into an even more disciplined individual that would serve to be the key ingredient in helping others make amazing physical transformations. Getting ready to rejoin the civilian world and having a burning desire to continue helping others, Wade became a nationally certified personal trainer. Leaving the Marine Corps, he took those tools to Bally Total Fitness. Wade quickly became a top 10 trainer in the nation for Bally's. Always looking to EVOLVE, Wade moved on, implementing military style fitness programs at other facilities. Helping others get in tip top physical condition using the same exercises and programming used in the Marine Corps. In February of 2009, Wade used his knowledge, passion, and experience to open the first Evolution Fitness Boca. Here, Wade is able to combine all the components of fitness into a perfectly designed balance of unique group fitness classes. Evolution Fitness's programs are designed by Wade and offer total body fitness and conditioning to all ability levels. Wade believes in combining strength training, cardio conditioning, functional training, and Yoga to create balanced body. Always continuing his education, Wade holds three national personal training certifications and many additional training certifications. Wade's primary focus is continuously bringing the latest and most effective forms of fitness into the program's offered at Evolution Fitness.