Birmingham : Old Woodward

Becky Siden

Yoga Shelter

The Yoga Shelter gave me more than I imagined, including friendship, knowledge, community, and freedom. After practicing yoga at the Shelter I noticed my life start to change. I was able to practice being the observer while also being compassionate to myself. I began to feel true self-acceptance by looking inwards….reminding myself that this is a yoga practice and I am human, nothing to achieve. Yoga helps us to live from a place of empowerment and surrender, allowing us to experience freedom and our authentic self. This has allowed me to walk my edge both on and off the mat. My passion is to offer a space where we nurture self-growth, feel, heal, explore our edge, have fun, embrace ourselves, and so much more while remaining in the present moment. This = priceless! I teach from the place of a guide; you are the true teacher and expert on your body. I encourage self care and awareness of when our yoga practice becomes “Corporate America”, driven by a mentality of competitiveness. It is so important that we encourage each other to learn that we are perfect just as we are no matter what we bust out on our mats. Wherever we are emotionally, physically, and spiritually, let yoga bring us together. I look forward to connecting with you; whether it’s practicing together, coming to my class, sharing a smile in passing, or shakin our tail feather in Xflowsion :)! I am inspired and humbled by your courage to show up and practice the art of living…..YOGA. “Yoga accepts. Yoga gives.” April Vallei