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Natalie Romero

Natalie Romero’s life was changed when she began to take Lagree Fitness classes. Not only did it change her body, but it gave her more energy and a renewed enthusiasm for health and fitness. Now, as an owner of Body Factory and a certified Lagree Fitness instructor, she is able to teach the classes she fell in love with.

Natalie received her Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Library Science certification from LSU. She was a classroom teacher and librarian for thirteen years and feels incredibly blessed to have passed on her love of reading to so many teenagers. Now, as a Lagree Fitness instructor, she is able to continue to impact people in a positive way. “It has been extremely rewarding for me to listen to clients talk about how strong they feel and the changes that they are seeing after incorporating Lagree Fitness into their lives. The 40 minute resistance workout on the Megaformer targets both big and small muscles through the machine's engineering, burning fat, emphasizing cardio elements, providing stretching benefits and detoxing the body. It is incredible, and I am so excited to bring it to Baton Rouge!”