Aventura Mall

Adriane Abraham

Tune Up

Head “Tune Up” Trainer / CEO. Throughout Adriane Abraham’s entire life, athleticism has been a huge part of her story. Her passion to help people see their true potential is what keeps her moving forward in her career. Adriane has had the pleasure to work in a variety of different fitness facilities and all of her experience, education and knowledge has helped guide her to partner up with Kaisa Kerwin to open The Fit Shop NMB. Adriane has discovered that transformation is not possible unless you are able to truly connect within first, and that is the main reason they were inspired to incorporate a lifestyle program as a part of their facility. Adriane has had the opportunity to challenge herself through several competitions in her life and fortunately she was forced to walk away... Read the profile >>

Kaisa Kerwin

The Burnout

Kaisa Kerwin Head “The Burnout” Trainer/CEO. Kaisa Kerwin, a 4th degree Black Belt, and a certified personal trainer has been practicing Martial Arts since the age of 4. She achieved her Black Belt at the age of 8, and won gold at the Junior Olympics by age 12. She opened Kaisa’s Kickboxing in 2009 and has grown her business ever since. Kaisa recently joined forces with Adriane Abraham to start The Fit Shop NMB. Together they will bring an amazing exercise and lifestyle program to NMB. In recognition of their excellent training and leadership lululemon athletica Aventura Mall made Kaisa and Adriane their newest Ambassadors. Read the profile >>

Nichole Ruiz

Nichole Ruiz started her practice in 2000. What started out as exercise became a life transformation. After studying many different branches of yoga such as Iyengar, Ashtanga and Chakra Flow she discovered that yoga can strengthen the body, calm the mind, and ignite the spirit. In Nichole's classes, you will build endurance, detoxify mentally and physically using mindful breathing in a vinyasa flow. She believes with practice you will learn to appreciate your mind, body and inner wisdom. The science of yoga is strongly recommended for weight loss and strengthening fitness, physical disease, mental illness, and self-betterment. Nichole is ERYT certified 200hr Chakra Flow and 200hr Yoga Works. She is a yoga professor at Barry University, teaches locally around Miami and does outreach... Read the profile >>

Taly Ostfeld

Plank Yoga Studio

Taly has over 10 years experience in Yoga. Over the years she has trained with some of the most known names in the Yoga world in America and has been able to develop a class that includes different yoga styles focusing on the needs of each individual student challenging them to reach their maximum potential during every class and trying to find the perfect balance between mind and body. Taly focuses on the growth of her students and gives great importance to creating a healthy and safe environment. She provides the attention needed to every student, developing their full potential and challenging them regardless of their skill level. She likes for students to find a balance during the class through breathing and movement exercises but more important for the students to be able to take... Read the profile >>