Austin : 6th and Lamar

Jake Saenz

Jake Saenz is a former Army Special Operations Soldier with multiple combat and non-combat deployments overseas. After returning to the United States he got his Bachelor's degree from Texas State University in Business.
He started Atomic Athlete, a partner gym of Military Athlete, in the summer of 2009. His gym is a performance-based strength and conditioning program out of Austin, Texas that provides elite level programming and coaching for athletes of all disciplines. At Atomic Athlete they use Fluid Periodization to train all attributes in a cyclic fashion. A huge emphasis is given to core strength, durability, and mental toughness - all extremely transferable to competitive and recreational athletes. Jake has coached athletes of all levels from UFC fighters, Force Recon Marines, Professional Mountain Guides, FBI SWAT, Professional Skiers / Snowboarders, and everyday athletes.