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Natalie Gray


Natalie Gray
Natalie is one of our Trainers and also our popular Pilates instructor. Her start with GetRunning began back in 2008 as one of our runners, but she soon began to take sessions for us.

Natalie graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Health Science Physiotherapy at the end of 2010 and she now works at SportsLab as a Physiotherapist. She has experience in musculoskeletal physio, sports medicine, post-operative and injury rehabilitation, muscle balancing, hands on physiotherapy treatments and personal training. Natalie has also completed further education in gait analysis, footwear assessment, Kinesis gym equipment, OOV training, treatment and assessment of migraines and headaches and is certified as a Gravity Personal Trainer.

Natalie has a passion for running and has competed in many on-road and off-road half marathons. Natalie has a 13 year dancing history and has competed at a national level with a focus on ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. This has allowed Natalie to develop an indepth knowledge and understanding of the biomechanics of a dancer. In her spare time she also enjoys wakeboarding, surfing, fishing, art and landscape/abstract painting.