Ponsonby Store

Dave Astley

CrossFit Quattro

I am the proud owner and head coach at CrossFit Quattro Ponsonby. I have spent the last 13 years instructing in gyms, running bootcamps, Personal Training and now strength and conditioning coaching. In this time I have guided 100’s of people from all walks of life produce crazy awesome results. As a tubby teen I was what would be considered a bit of an awkward insecure loner. But I had a dream! Fueled with hormones I imagined myself as a popular, ripped stud surrounded by saucy ladies! At 18 I bit the bullet joining a gym and so my journey began. By the time I was 20 in the year 2000 I had achieved one of my goals which was transforming from a fatty fat fat to someone who was lean, mean and saxsay! But ultimately living the life of gym rat a.k.a. gym enthusiast and training on... Read the profile >>

Graham Smith

Corrective Clinic

I have spent the last 10 years as a coach, athlete and trainer both in NZ and throughout Europe, I have travelled to some amazing places and met some inspiring people. It is these experiences which have affected and driven my approach to physiotherapy. Whilst working and playing in NZ and abroad, I discovered I had a knack for helping people move... and move well. I have a simplistic approach to treatment which is mostly irrespective of diagnosis. In short, I believe that faulty loading mechanics are the cause of most peoples pain and in the improving of these mechanics lies the answers to most musculoskeletal issues. This approach has been fostered and developed during my time at The CorrectiveClinic. At The Corrective Clinic we have group of like-minded Physiotherapists,... Read the profile >>

Jaime Goodwin

Health 101

I am the Head Coach for Health 101. This encompasses a variety of coaching ranging from kids classes, intro classes, right through to weightlifting and gymnastics. I have a huge passion for the human body and movement, which when combined with my love for people made CrossFit and coaching the perfect avenue for me. I have backed up this passion with a bachelors degree as well as several CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting certifications. I have big goals to continue to study and further my coaching credentials. I grew up as a competitive gymnast/runner, competing nationally and internationally. I began my CrossFit journey around 4 years ago to supplement my running training and never looked back. As an athlete I love to be challenged daily in so many different areas and I am... Read the profile >>

Nikki Harris

East West Bikram Yoga

Nikki Harris owns and teaches at East West Bikram Yoga in Newmarket and Ponsonby. Nikki found yoga in Vancouver, Canada while working as a chartered accountant. Practicing first Ashtanga yoga then Bikram yoga, Nikki completed Bikram's teacher training in late 2002. Nikki has taught both in Vancouver and Auckland for the last 10 year, and regularly attends seminars with Bikram, Rajashree and senior teachers. Nikki loves Bikram Yoga because of how she sees it change and enhance peoples lives. In her experience the beginners series is extremely therapeutic, challenging and rewarding, but only once you let go and open up to new way of being. Her philosophy when teaching- I want to empower people to take responsiblity for their own yoga practice, to cultivate a practice that enhances... Read the profile >>

Nikki Ralston

Nikki's obvious passion for yoga and well-being shines through in her teaching. Her teaching is empowering and inclusive with clear instructions, intuition and integrity she guides her students towards a deeper understanding of themselves, providing tools to take into your everyday actions to live a happier, healthier more balanced life. As a certified Iyengar yoga teacher, massage therapist and facialist she delivers a unified approach to wellness with The Ralston Method. Her positive energy inspires and uplifts. You can find her teaching classes at her own studio, the Urban Ashram, with private clients and small groups, as well as running corporate well-being programs and regular yoga classes. Nikki believes in turning cant's into cans and dreams into plans! Read the profile >>