Asheville : Kitchin Place

Joe Taft

Asheville Yoga Center, West Asheville Yoga

What is your favorite way to work out?

Yoga Asana is my favorite form of workout! I appreciate how the practice offers me the opportunity to tap into the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of my being, and occasionally, this happens all at once! I also enjoy getting my heart rate up by doing what I call "TayFit". I take my daughter, Taytum, to the park and chase her as much as I can. Then I do pull-ups and creative exercises on the playground; it is a blast and a efficient workout. I also enjoying running and swimming regularly. Lastly, I consider meditation a form of exercise of the mind. I sit and try to still my thoughts on a daily basis. It is a practice in process!

Where are you from originally?

I am from Greenville, North Carolina where my parents still reside, which is a blessing since I am still able to go home and reconnect to my roots.

What is your favorite piece of lululemon and why?

Any yoga shorts--because they do not hinder my movement AT ALL!

Describe yourself with one adjective.

If I had to discribe myself with one adjective I would say - Psyched!