Asheville : Asheville Showroom

Monica Curwen

Hometown: Chicago, Il.

1. What is your favorite way to sweat?

Oooooooh, there's so many! A shady trail run in the middle of a hot day, Road cycling or Mtn. Biking, Stephanie Keach's Tuesday night yoga class! and jumping on the trampoline with my boys!

2. What inspires you?

My own children, being a Montessori teacher, doing workouts "outside" in Western North Carolina with other folks, and racing!

3. What is your favorite piece of lululemon and why?

The Enery Skort, and just about any skort - skorts makes you feel adorable while running, though inside you may be feeling like dying, AND, it just makes sense...they are cuter than shorts without the hassle of a skirt!

4. What's your life look like without fear?

Hmmmmmm.....I see fear as being ridiculous and also positive. I have a ridiculous fear of sharks and not having that kind of fear would free me up to enjoy swimming in the ocean more but, fear itself motivates me to reach goals. I feel fear whenever I step up to a race line. I think it is healthy and it's just there to get me through or past that goal. So, I embrace it when it serves me positively and then other times when the fear is ridiculous, I guess I just have to calm down and tell myself it was just a movie (and then go to the pool)!

5. What is a class in town that you are just dying to tell people about?

Sunday night yoga with Matt at Asheville Yoga Center....Matt has great music, challenging poses, it's HOT, and you are done in an hour and recovered from your weekend of running/riding/whatever!