Asheville : Asheville Showroom

Joe Taft

Hometown: Greenville

1. What is your favorite way to sweat?

Yoga, duh

2. What inspires you?

Anyone who totally pores their heart into their passion in an effort to know themselves more fully rocks my world...

3. What is your favorite piece of lululemon and why?

The "yoga shorts" (helps me if that is not the correct name) because they do not hinder my movement AT ALL!

4. What's your life look like without fear?

Without fear my life would look like one big party that would burn out and I would crash and burn. I love how the slightest bit of fear keeps me safe and grounded.

5. What is a class in town that you are just dying to tell people about?

I like to tell people that do not do yoga that this is a rocking town for yoga due to the amount of yoga and the level of dedicated teachers. Step into an Asheville yoga class with a dedicated teacher and it will change your life.