Asheville : Asheville Showroom

Deirdre Smith Gilmer

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

1. What is your favorite way to sweat?

I love to sweat when I am doing something to earn it. I'm not a fan of sweating because the outside temperature is hot, but rather because I crank up my internal temperature. yoga would be my favorite form of doing that.

2. What inspires you?

My students and family inspire me. I am deeply honored when people come to their mats with vulnerability and intention. it is an AMAZING job i have, to watch people transform in front of my eyes!

3. What is your favorite piece of lululemon and why?

I love my mudra pants. They are comfortable, supportive in the belly, and so cute at the bottom, the way they flare out a little. I guess the Audrey Hepburn image helps, too.

4. What does your life look like without fear?

I live in love. I live without always doubting and worrying. I trust. It frees me to be myself, make mistakes and get up and try again. There is a universal understanding of our connectedness. We fear one another less and see our common links more.

5. What is a class in town you are dying to tell people about?

I am dying to get to class in town... I could use some awesome suggestions and a babysitter or two!